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May 2, 2020

Why a Leader Is Only As Good As Their Team



Every team needs a leader and every leader needs a team. The word “teamwork” represents the unity of a leader and their team because a leader is only as good as their team. If one succeeds, all the others do too. If one fails, they are all going down together. Listed below are key reasons as to why teams and leaders thrive off of each other.


The Importance of a Leader

A leader is someone who takes the dominant role of leading their team in a certain direction. It is not about the leader bossing their team around, but instead inspiring their team. A leader has to have a vision and end goal that they are trying to reach. A leader needs to also have empathy for their team because no one is perfect and mistakes are going to be made. The whole point of the world “team” is that when someone is not performing to the best of their ability, the leader will step in and encourage them to push themselves. A leader should have strong integrity and respect for their team while also remaining positive in the worst of times. If a leader is negative, the negativity is going to rub off on the team and stress the whole team out. A team will thrive with a positive leader because they are constantly being reassured that anything is possible and that they can achieve what they are trying to if they work hard enough. A leader needs to have a sense of accountability because they can not blame failure directly on the team. It is always a team effort and the team should work together. With that being said, a leader needs to hold accountability for the mistakes that they made themselves in directing the team poorly. A leader should be decisive, have humility, and clarity.


The Importance of a Team

Good leadership is needed for every single team. Although, the team also has to be strong because the leader is only half of what is needed to reach success. A team should work together and follow the leaders instructions at all costs. A leader should listen to their team’s input as well as the decisions that have been made because the team could have wise input to say about the task at hand. A strong team should be able to communicate well together. Communication is key and without communication, the team will be fighting and bumping heads. A strong team also needs to focus on goals and results. They need to manifest success in their future and allow the leader to encourage and inspire them till the end. A good team should have everyone contributing their fair share and not having people working harder than one another. A team should show each other support and not talk badly about each other. A team player is always the person that others are going to want to work with. Someone who is selfish and only wants to succeed themselves is not someone who others are going to look highly of. A team should be united and full of appreciation of one another and their leader.


The Unification of a Leader and Team

The collaboration of a team and a leader creates for a powerful duo. When leaders and their teams work together, they will be unbeatable and unmatched. Success is always going to be based off of the performance that the leader and team put into the task at hand. Leaders and teams that cooperate with each other and collaborate will see themselves at the top. Leaders should provide feedback for each team member so the team can get stronger as a whole. Criticism should always remain constructive by the leaders so the team can grow to their full potential.


This is why a leader is only as good as their team. It’s not about an “I” mentality, it’s about a “We” mentality.             


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