June 19, 2020

8 Essential Habits for Living a Higher Energy Life. 

Three years ago, I felt trapped in a robotic lifestyle.

Each day felt the same and they all went by in a flash. I had spent many months in an unfulfilling job before I realized that I was wasting my time. From work to home and from home to work—I was stuck in a loop and my life was going nowhere.

I was going through a breakup at the time, which made me think about pretty much everything. I felt that my life had spiralled out of my control. It was like being in a do-or-die situation—I either had to take control of my precious life or risk losing it.

Thankfully, I have taken control. I’ve evaluated each of my choices carefully and stepped out of my comfort zone to taste freedom for the first time. I set off on a monthlong backpacking trip, slept on benches outdoors, camped in the forest, and cooked over a campfire.

I got a true taste of life and discovered that there was a colorful side to it. Gratefully, I’ve found during that journey that I can be 100 percent responsible for where my life takes me. I knew I had to do it every day.

Since then, I have been more conscious and have picked up habits that have allowed me to live a high-energy life.

Don’t we all want to break this vicious cycle where nothing seems to move forward? Aren’t we all yearning for that freedom, to visit that dream destination, to earn enough from our side hustle, or to travel more? Don’t we all want a larger slice of our lives?

If you feel stuck with a monotonous lifestyle and have issues moving forward, implement these eight simple tips for a better, fulfilling, and energetic life.

1. Stay hydrated. 

Water is a great way to connect with yourself. More than 50 percent of our bodies are made of water. Besides, it is the driving force behind most processes in our bodies. Therefore, it is necessary to drink a lot of water if you need more energy during the day.

When I drink water, I try to connect with nature. Water is a principal element of the universe and a life-giver for the entire planet. When drinking, I close my eyes and feel the water moving down my throat. I express gratitude to the universe for this privilege to afford fresh drinking water.

Follow your body’s cues and drink whenever you feel thirsty. Water is priceless and a good energy supply, so drink more and do more.

2. Eat a balanced diet. 

“You are what you eat.” ~ Anthelme Brillat-Savarin.

Food is what makes us and gives us the energy to perform.

Eat every three to four hours during the day. This will keep you high on energy and prevent unhealthy eating. But, don’t eat too much; have enough to only feel comfortable. Also, you can add items from distinct food groups like whole grains, fibrous fruits and vegetables, low-fat dairy, and lean protein.

Try to cook food yourself. I have always found this to be more fulfilling. I appreciate food more when I cook it myself and I feel all the flavors through mindful eating.

I also keep my energy flowing by eating snacks from time to time. I usually have items rich in fibre, carbohydrates, and protein. Some great options include apples, unsalted peanuts, carrots, and fresh berries.

Keep it varied, eat healthy food often, and you’ll naturally feel more energetic.

3. Avoid processed and junk food.

Certain foods do us more harm than good. Most junk and processed foods are high on sugar, trans fat, vegetable oils, refined carbs, and processed low fat. These are unhealthy and may cause various illnesses. That said, it is better to avoid eating them as much as we can.

I made a drastic change to my eating habits after coming across a written piece about how industries work—I was shocked. The unkind treatment of poultry and dairy animals have broken my heart. At that moment, I’ve left all desire to consume meat, and I haven’t eaten any since then. I also vowed to eat healthy food as much as possible and to cut my junk food consumption.

Always prioritize the quality of food over quantity, and keep junk food away as much as you can. Also, don’t forget to eat according to your body’s needs.

4. Get rid of toxic habits.

Deciding to marry a healthy diet is great. But, it won’t last if we can’t break up with toxic habits. Smoking is among the most dangerous of all; it reduces our lung efficiency and leads to various illnesses. Once you quit, you’ll be surprised to see how much energy you could churn out without ever needing a cigarette. Now, I know it can be difficult for some people. The best thing we can do is to slowly cut smoking down. In the long run, we will see the difference and ultimately quit.

One highly effective tactic is to indulge in some physical activity you love. I used my love for soccer to get rid of my smoking habits. It was only a matter of time before I understood that smoking a few cigarettes daily was slowly killing me.

Cutting down was no easy task. That said, I shifted my focus to playing soccer and tried to get really good at it. This demanded more stamina and fitness, and under the guise of improving my physical condition, I’ve cut smoking for good—it worked like a charm.

Same goes for drinking habits. Once inside our bodies, alcohol acts like a sedative and drains our energy. Let’s find a good enough excuse to avoid drinking and stick to our promises. If we want to stay active all day, we should kick out habits that kill us and our energy.

5. Sweat it out, daily.

I can’t emphasize this enough. Yes, good nutrition is crucial for high levels of energy. But, engaging in physical activities will take us much further.

In contrast to what some people assume, if we burn more energy, we will be capable of producing even more. Try it out yourself. Start a day with a workout and see how much more energetic you’ll be throughout the day. On the other hand, if you spend little energy, you will feel low and lethargic.

I was always an outdoor’s enthusiast since I was a kid, so I never had to make an effort to exercise. As I realized the effectiveness of working out, I’ve made it into a habit to sweat it out every day, no matter what. I believe that the positive benefits of working out are not only confined to physical aspects. It also helps us to release stress, makes us happier, and keeps our energies high all day.

Also, when we sweat it out daily, we circulate oxygen better. Overall, we will be pumping and ready to take on the world with high energy levels.

6. Keep stress away through yoga and meditation.

Our minds are the driving force behind our energy. We can’t expect to stay energetic without a strong and healthy mind. Consequently, we should take excellent care of our mental health so we are capable of doing more.

One surefire way to achieve this is through yoga. Yoga practices may demand a lot of discipline and physical strain, but it comes with several mental and physical health benefits. Yoga in the morning helps us stay energetic and focused throughout our day, so sign up and start now. It is easy to practice yoga nowadays with numerous resources available online.

We can also learn meditation. Adding it to our daily schedule has a bunch of benefits. For me, it keeps my life stress-free. I start my day with a round of meditation for 20 minutes and I let myself relax to restore my mental juices. Above all, it helps to uplift my mood.

I also try different methods and meditate while I indulge myself in activities. For instance, I meditate when I walk. I try to focus all my senses on the activity itself: I focus on the legs, the wind hitting my face, the smell of the fields near me, and on my breath. This helps me concentrate on the activity while staying mindful.

7. Get excellent sleep.

Most people are ready to sacrifice sleep if they need to complete an unexpected task the next day. I bet it has happened to all of us. It drains our energy and leaves us feeling lazy throughout the following day.

If you plan to stay active for a long time, make sure you get a sound sleep every night. Sleep is how our body recharges its energy reserves after the day’s output.

I always feel great after seven hours of sleep. Try what works for you and stick to it. Make it a habit to get sound sleep daily because it takes care of your energy needs.

8. Chase your dreams and follow your passion.

What else can keep us more passionate and energetic than having big dreams? Once we figure out our goals and are passionate enough to follow them, we will find the automatic energy within.

Don’t worry if you haven’t found your passion yet. Keep looking and explore what your heart yearns. Ultimately, you will find your dreams and when you find them, don’t settle until you get there.

In my experience, these habits have been highly transformative. They have helped me focus more, do more, and seek higher goals in my life. I hope they do the same for you.

Great results await us if we take excellent care of our bodies and minds.



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