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June 2, 2020

In-Home Therapeutics: Oil-pulling eased my tooth pain

Am I biased towards Ayurveda? I guess I am! I am like a little child with paints and trying out different pictures with glee. Which other medical system, can you ‘take it home’? Can you take acupuncture, osteopathy, or homeopathy home. Homeopathy and herbs you can take home to your kitchen pharmacy in some measure.

In the month of March this year, my tooth sensitivity started acting up. The lower and upper molar were protesting, with cold and hot drinks, and hard foods. I became more careful with what I ate. With the Covid lockdown, it was best to grin and bear it. However the pain worsened, so bad that I called my dentist. He told me the clinic was closed, and to take Tylenol to ease the pain. If it got worse I could call back. I called back the very next day to report shooting pain, upwards and downwards in my mouth. Biting food had become an ordeal.

I got an appointment for the day after. In the meantime I started applying things to my mouth to ease the pain- ice-packs, Manuka honey mixed with turmeric, and most importantly, I started sesame oil pulling.  All of them helped a bit, in their own way. When I met the dentist, he took an x-ray of my lower jaw and said he did not see anything too serious except plaque building up. However he gave me antibiotics to deal with the infections. For some reason the pain subsided, and I delayed the antibiotics.

It again flared up massively after a few days of my dentist appointment, and I went running to the store for the medication. It was an awful blowup. During the seven days of antibiotics, the pain hardly eased, except on the very last day. In the meantime I kept up the oil pulling as well. As the dental hygienists were off-duty, there was no way of getting a deep teeth cleanse. 95% of the pain was gone. But I still had issues chewing, I could not use the left side of my jaw. So I called my dentist again, and he asked me to come in again. There were five days separating the date of second appointment and the call I had made.

Suddenly I remembered the power of castor to detox. Castor oil has this amazing and unique ability to break down unwanted tissue.  This makes it an excellent choice when treating non-malignant tumors, cysts and fibroids of all kind. So I switched to castor oil-pulling. By the time my appointment came five days later, the pain was completely gone- except the the top molar moved around when pushed. This time he took an x-ray of the upper jaw and saw a crack in the middle.

The top tooth was probably cracked or distressed for two months, and infection had built up in the open spaces, which the antibiotics had helped curb. The dentist wanted to prescribe another dose of antibiotics. I protested, as I had just endured a course and there was no pain now. He said, then in that case it was fine. So castor oil had done the trick of helping my mouth remain infection free.

Now in four days I have the tooth extraction appointment. So I have my Arnica homeopathy handy to reduce the traumatic effect of a surgical extraction. Oils, arnica and reiki once again, home tools to the rescue!

For my introductory course on the scope of Ayurveda check out my link: Ayurveda is a wonderful healing system.

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