June 12, 2020

Now is a Reclamation: May we Find the Light Within. {Poem}


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The world has been spinning beneath our feet for eons.

The pace of this spinning has increased dramatically lately. We are all along for this ride, cycle, and evolution of humanity and global community consciousness.

I have been feeling the whirling and stirrings of emotional turbulence of our world at large and also of my own individual experience and manifestation of unconscious fear, overwhelm, grief, and anger.

These wounds are being made conscious, and that feels damn messy most of the time. We forget who we are in the thick of the triggering. We forget that we are sovereign beings. We are inundated by stories, projections, traumas, and wounds abound. It isn’t wrong. It is so damn human.

We are so damn human.

And, sometimes, the whirling of the storm gets the best of us. We lose our footing and ability to see the truth and reclaim our power of observation.

We are relating to people and things every day. Sometimes, especially lately, we can lose our sense of self and stability. We may be hurt or be hurting over many things: the world, the strife, the pain, and also, our own individual stories. Navigating relations with others, especially when we are triggered, is never easy. Triggers are here to shine a light on where we are still in need of healing balm and medicine.

It’s okay to be triggered right now. It’s okay to feel overwhelmed and the catastrophic nature of these times.

But, what solid foundation can we reclaim beneath the churning? Beneath the emotional charge?

Perhaps, we need only to reclaim the divinity within. The sovereign, powerful being within each of us who observes it all with unconditional regard for our human emotions and evolution.

May we navigate these emotional waters with less judgement of the self still acting from a source of trauma, pain, fear, and wounding. May we hold these parts of ourselves ever close and let them know they are safe. May we let them know that we will survive this too and the light will shine again.

The light has never left us after all…


Nobody but you,
Can take your breath
Unless they do.

Unless power is
Stomped on,
Submitted to,
Dominated over.

We hurt,
As we’ve been hurt.
We feel as
We’ve felt before.

Some days,
We can’t breathe.
Some days,
Breath feels
Far away
When pain has masked
The path forward.

Heart-crushing moments.

When the path
Ahead seemed
One ray of hope,
Among much darkness.

The path was
Never solid
Just scraps
Of the past
To find stability.

In nothingness.

Truth withheld
Hurts the worst.
Words unsaid
Speak volumes.
Cut deeper.

We are so afraid
Of hurting,
That we hurt others.

Walk around
With wounds
Asleep to who we are.
Afraid of who we are.

We hurt,
Maybe because
We don’t know
How else
To feel.

New life
Taken away.

Old life
Trying to
But there is
No substance,
Just false hope.

The path
Has cut many,
Left many,
Hurt many.

It’s no wonder
We are angry,
Angry with god,
With humanity,
With this next cycle
Of breath even.

It all hurts
So damn bad

The heart is
Broken feeling,
Cast aside
And afraid
Of what it
Did wrong.

Stories on repeat.
Observation is needed.
Care is needed.
Of the self.

Deep, deep care
And rescue
To the one unloved.

She is waiting,
She is always waiting,
But she is hurting too.
She is hurting most now.

Be with her pain.
Sit with it.
Marinate in it.
Hold it.

Even if we feel so
Damn unsteady.

One foot,
Two feet now,
But still standing.

Precious one,
Sweet child
Of god.



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