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June 24, 2020

Treating Your Business Like a Competitive Race

Melanie McSally, Boston born and raised, has become one of the country’s leading authorities on streamlining businesses to maximize profits. She graduated top of her class in engineering school and in her Master of Engineering Management program and holds a number of certifications, including a Lean 6-Sigma Black Belt. Last summer, Melanie quit her job, sold her ½ million-dollar home, donated most of her things to charity and created her own competition for creating her own business. Within just a few short months, thanks to Melanie’s competitive streak, she was living the digital-nomad life,  speaking on stages with renowned speakers like Bill Walsh, Les Brown, Sharon Lechter, and Angel Tuccy, and optimizing the world of business.

Combining her athletic training with her skillset of optimizing, Melanie helped an athlete win Ultraman Canada (a 520-mile staged triathlon lasting 3 days) and shatter the course record by over 2.5 hours. Melanie attributes her entrepreneur success to her athletic training. As a competitive triathlete, Melanie sees the parallels of training for a race and she incorporates those principles into solid business fundamentals.

Melanie was invited to speak at small business expos and was overwhelmed by how many businesses aren’t prepared for growth or haven’t “trained” for this marathon. Melanie watched in sympathy, as her fellow peers struggled to get past the first mile markers in business and missing out on opportunities for success.

Melanie began working directly with entrepreneurs, and drawing from her athletic training, created systems that business owners can use to “run the race of success”. Among her clients, Melanie has earned the nickname “The Fixer”. She keeps her clients focused on growing their business, by automating and leveraging technology to run in the background.

She is the go-to for helping small business owners to cut costs, generate more revenue or just rip up their to-do list. Melanie says you can cross the finish line and win in business when you focus on 3 things: hiring your support crew, planning for problems, and setting up your resource stations along the way.


Hire Your Support Crew

It takes teamwork to create success, and out on the race course, you have to tap into your inner strength to make it happen. Being an athlete gives you the mindset that you can accomplish all your goals, no matter the obstacle. You discover that the power to win is inside of you. Every race requires a support crew, but they can’t run the race for you. You have to decide that you have what it takes to win.

As a business owner, the mindset to create a winning team stems from your own leadership within. If you quit, they all quit. When you win, the entire team wins.


Plan For Problems To Happen

As an athlete, you are solving problems as you go. You prepare to mitigate problems, and plan for how to solve them quickly while on the go. You can’t stop in the middle of a race just because something goes wrong.

As a business owner, you rely on technology, vendors and outside forces you can’t always control. You can focus on the challenges, obstacles and setbacks, or you can focus on taking one step at a time, focusing on what you can do, versus, what you can’t.

Most business problems can be solved by more sales, more systems, or more communication. By setting up technology and automation, less problems arise in the workflow.


Set Up Resource Stations Along The Way

As an athlete, you learn how to go the distance, and keep pushing yourself towards the finish line by relying on your resources.

Being an entrepreneur is like sprinting a marathon; you need to have adequate resources set up along the way, similar to having water stations set up along the course.

When you set up technology to maintain your business, you create the endurance to take care of the little things that arise. With technology running in the background, you can keep your day open for being creative and building relationships.

Melanie has been able to help top institutions transform teams and revamp processes. She’s written and delivered courses for top institutions like Harvard University. Now, she teaches entrepreneurs how to optimize their business using technology to eliminate manual tasks and automate important workflows, such as marketing, sales, and client engagement.

“At WyzeTribe, it is our mission to ensure everyone has the right technology package to achieve their personal and professional goals,” says McSally. “We start with understanding your goals, then we dive into your current setup, and finally we work collaboratively with you to build or buy the right technology for your goals and budget.”

And since human connection is often the forgotten piece of technology, Melanie has done extensive personal growth work and incorporates that work into all her technology solutions. In fact, Melanie sits on several boards all with the common goal of helping to inspire the world to be a more loving, caring place.

Melanie recently created a new series through WyzeTribe called Freebie Fridays as well. Through the series, Melanie offers free tips, tools, strategies, and connections; always free and always on Fridays. The automation expert has established herself on the Facebook Live platform by creating a community devoted to business growth using live videos. Followers have been ecstatic to have access to this information through affordable and easily understandable means. For more information on Freebie Friday, visit the WyzeTribe online.

From capturing leads, automating your follow up and converting leads into paying clients, WyzeTribe capitalizes on using QR codes, Text/Email Opt Ins and Personalized Communication to help their clients streamline and maximize profits.

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