June 30, 2020

Your Inner Child is Ready for Love.


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Repeat after me: I am worthy of love.

I know you might not always want to, but you have to keep on trying. To keep on fighting. To keep on dancing.

Because who is going to be left there at the end of a long day when everybody leaves? That’s right: you.

Treat yourself as you would treat your best friend, or the love of your life. Treat yourself with respect, with kindness.

Guess what will happen once you accept yourself for who you truly are. Once you accept that all parts of yourself, including the “not so fluffy” ones, are worthy of the same love and recognition, then you can truly be ready to accept the journey of life that was meant for you.

I see you—and you know why? Because I’ve been there, and I still go there during the not-so-great triggered occurrences.

Because I see myself in you. I see that mistreated, abandoned little girl or boy who only ever wanted love and affection. Who only ever wanted to feel understood, to be held, to feel accepted unconditionally.

You might keep asking yourself, “Why do I keep falling into the same destructive patterns repeatedly?” It’s not that you’re a bad person; it’s just that you need to find yourself first.

Take your time, light a candle, meditate for a while. It is not a competition, and it is definitely not a race: we are all operating in our own lanes and in our individual speeds. No one is supposed to get anywhere faster than they should.

Repeat after me: I trust myself. How many times have you doubted yourself? How many times have you called yourself an idiot? How many times is it going to take for you to see that your thoughts and words shape your reality?

It is up to you to set your standard in how you want to be with yourself, to set an example for others how to treat you. Trust in yourself to make the right decisions for you, even though others might not agree. You can do it. You will get there.

I see you: I know how that inner child who is always in pain keeps on coming out and demanding attention. But guess what? You are an adult now. You can give that child the attention and the parenting he/she needs.

Be gentle with them, give them a long hug, and just be there. Tell them you are not leaving them and that you love them. Tell them that it is going to be alright. And once the time is right, just let them stay there, for it is a part of you who needs the attention but who does not have to be constantly present in your adult life.

And that’s okay; you are still worthy; you are still you. That is what makes you unique and even more worthy of love. And the love will come; trust that the universe is working its magic as we speak.

Just repeat after me: I am worthy of love.

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