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July 7, 2020

6 Reasons Why your Self-Work doesn’t Work.

We have good intentions to improve ourselves and lives, but the work we put on ourselves doesn’t always work. Why?

I am a Healing & Soul Purpose Guide, on a personal legend quest for half of my life, and I have observed in both my self and others a similar issue that I want to address today, in order for us to move forward the best way possible.

Investing in coaches, healers, therapists, conferences, retreats,…on a high for a few weeks and then boom, nothing! It’s gone…does it resonate with you (too)?
All benefits and good resolutions are lost, forgotten, misunderstood, not really settled within for LIFE-LASTING TRANSFORMATIONS, we are back to the starting point, feeling helpless and loosing hope.

I have often found my self, or people I guide, lost in the amount of information, concepts and guidance we receive, that we forget our own inner guidance and free-will. There is a kind of rush and trend to accumulate as much healing and improvement as possible to achieve something we don’t even clearly know we want. Do you resonate with this too?

Burning out from self-work also exists, because the reasons why we enter is path, are wrong.

My observation is that a few things are mis-aligned, cluttering our minds, disturbing our timing & guiding us toward a wall we can’t break, because we are not supposed to.

What we don’t realize is that is it way easier to get where we want to be, because it is about returning to who we are, with an essentialist approach: getting back to what really matters.


1. We choose the wrong people

If the person we work with is not guiding us toward finding our own answers, flying with our own wings, without keeping us anchored to them, they are not the right fit for us. The right guides will guide us back home to OURSELVES, without creating a co-dependency to them.


2. We expect external solutions & distract our self/ego from the real work to do

We believe putting the money and some time in our calendar will solve our inner issues and that someone will kindly come and save us. This won’t happen, we have to do the work INTENTIONALLY and with CONSISTENT EFFORTS. I recommend, before you start this journey, to ask your self: why do I really want to change? what is motivating me to transform my reality? Make a list of your intentions and make sure you can read them whenever you feel like quitting.


3. We focus too much on results & outcomes

This is the main source of our suffering. Enjoying the process and trusting that our actions will create the reactions we need to evolve is key to life-lasting transformations.

Sometimes, we decide to change to please someone (a family member, a lover, a friend), society, or to achieve a social status and feed our ego. Those motivations are toxic and are not really taking us where we want to go because they won’t trigger a real deep inner work. We need to make sure our heart is at the right place and our intentions are pure.


4. We are not (really) ready to receive

We want transformation and elevation, but deep down, we don’t believe we are worthy of it. Working on self-esteem every day and reminding ourselves that “I am worthy of receiving” is the first step to life-lasting transformations.

I have for a long time learned and practiced abundance and gratitude, but didn’t really notice change, because I wasn’t allowing my self to receive. One day I woke up and asked my self “but do I really believe it’s possible to get there? am I really allowing my self and soul to receive what I want?”. I realized that my subconscious mind wasn’t programmed for change, so I had to re-program my thoughts through CONFIRMING that I am worthy of what I want, every single day!

Another idea: sometimes we are not ready to receive because we are not supposed to receive this lesson/answer in the present moment. There is a divine timing that requires for us to listen to our inner guidance and work on what needs to be healed at the moment, knowing that answers will progressively show up for us.

Remember, when the student is ready, the teacher appears. Trust your own timing and do not rush your process.


5. Light can only be found through a journey in the dark

Bravery is our best friend and our light. There is not elevation possible if we are resisting the shadows we are carrying and that are controlling us in the present moment. Working with a guide and accepting the duality of life, the both sides of the coin help navigating this work.


6. We forgot that we are already perfect

At the end of the day, tt is not about learning and accumulating knowledge, but remembering who we truly are and embodying this divine energy daily to experience the life we came here to experience. Freeing ourselves from what the world expects from us, and seeing every actions and accomplishments as a nice bonus!

Today is the day you choose to live in alignment with your truth, decide the path you want to enter, check your intentions and pick your guides wisely.
Love your self & soul in the process, it is all that matters. Alright?

I see you, be brave.


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