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July 11, 2020

Do you want to be perfect, or do you want to be magical?

Do you often wonder why you are here? What makes you special? What your purpose is? I do. So often, in fact, that for a long time, it got in the way of actually living my life. You see, I thought that I had to accomplish, to conquer, to proclaim how special I was. I thought I had to prove my worth. I thought I had to prove that I was enough; and not just enough, I had to be perfect and special.  I became so entangled in becoming perfect that I forgot to actually LIVE MY LIFE.

You see, being perfect is just not possible. Not because you and I are not worthy of it, but because perfect does not really exist. 7+ billion people have 7+ billion ideas about what defines perfect. And I bet your idea of what the perfect body, the perfect life, the perfect job, the perfect (fill in the blank) has changed many, many times over the course of your life. I know mine has.

My idea of perfect has changed so much, in fact, that it does not exist anymore. I like to use other words in it’s place. Magical, passionate, empowered, courageous, radiant, to name a few. Because, now I believe that we are all perfect (substitute magical, passionate, empowered, courageous, radiant) in our own way. It doesn’t matter if someone else does not see it. They are not living our lives. I tried so hard to be what everyone else wanted for so long. It was depressing, it was discouraging, it was heartbreaking. You and I cannot live up to someone else’s ideals. We can only live to our fullest potential, and radiate our unique brand of perfection to the world – from the inside out.

I will leave you with these words:

She carries magic, 
but they don’t understand.
It is not about wielding power,
or bidding others to her will.
It is about growing her roots
back into the earth and
feeling the power of the universe
coursing through her,
connecting her to all things.
It is a power to heal the earth,
to heal others, to heal herself.
But they don’t understand
that she carries magic. 

For so long, I did not understand either. I want to magical, not perfect. How about you?

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