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July 2, 2020

I’m just a girl trying to change the world

This poem is dedicated to my teenage niece, who is navigating the confusing world of advocacy for the first time, and is trying to get it “right”, but sometimes gets it “wrong”.  Keep trying!


I’m just a girl

tryin’ to change my world,

tryin’ to listen to my heart,

stop this world from falling apart;

though sometimes I feel

what I dream will never be real.

I know sometimes I come on too strong

‘cuz I want so badly to make it right when it’s so wrong.

So here I am

makin’ a stand;

I’m just a girl,

tryin’ to change the world,

tryin’ to heal hearts that are broken,

with my words that I have spoken.

Time to honor the passion,

put my words into action,

spread my truth by what I do,

live my truth by bridging the gap between me and you.

I’m just a girl,

tryin’ to change the world.

If I offer you my hand,

Will you help me make that stand?

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