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July 20, 2020

You will face your greatest opposition when you are closest to your biggest miracle.

Life. It’s about experiencing reality.. experiencing the natural beauty of our true essence as a child of God.

It’s about noticing how beautiful the moon is, how delicate a flower is and the intricate process of growth.

It’s about relationships, connectedness, joy and happy moments.

With this… we encounter lessons and challenges and when we overcome these hardships, we are able to see the beauty of life even clearer – we are able to FEEL the love that we are and the love that surrounds us in everything and everyone.

It’s those moments when we think we are at our last straw, we are on the verge of throwing in the towel with life and feeling defeated, when we might be alone with no one but our faith in God and then we feel that dream that still resides inside us, our North Star, our reason we have pushed so damn hard to even get to this point.. we realize that this may be the 20th time we have failed.

But then we realize… the only true failure would be to not get up, dust off that past story, that past version of ourselves and realize, we were born with a purpose, we matter, we are equally as special and beautiful as everyone and we get to CHOOSE a new storyline – a new path. The path that we were meant to be..

We tell those fears to back off and we choose to love ourselves, one step at a time…

And the instant we make this choice, a miracle is born THROUGH us! Victory!

And we journey on with so much more love and appreciation in our hearts.

Always believe that you can change your story, in an instant. It starts inside you. Then, before you realize it.. you see the world you dreamt of blossoming from those seeds you planted in your darkest moments of despair.

The darkness does serve a purpose but you always have the light inside you to guide you home.

….. you already are the miracle you dream of. Choose to bring it to light! The world needs your gifts ?

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