July 17, 2020

We Can’t Shed our Emotional Baggage Until we Truly Surrender.


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We, as humans, have absolutely no control over our surroundings.

We control the choices we make, but in the grand scheme of life, that’s not a lot.

I often say yoga is a metaphor for life; we are asked to sit or twist into uncomfortable poses that resemble the uncomfortable situations we go through. 

There are really only two options. 

You either fight it, and as a result, you feel heartache, pain, and anxiety, or you can surrender. Let. It. Go.

Let go of the grudge. Let go of the tightness in your muscles. Let go of the emotional barriers, and the tension will soon melt away from every muscle. 

If we truly surrender, we experience euphoria come over our bodies—only if we allow ourselves some grace. 

We can find fortitude in knowing our control is limited. We can just be in this present moment.

The heartache.

The anxiety.

The grief.

All of that pain can be shed from our bodies if we finally release—melt deep within our souls. Our hearts get a chance to speak, and our bodies are forced to listen.

Wow, doesn’t it feel good?

What does it truly mean to surrender? 

It means we are finally allowed to breathe. We are finally allowed to feel peace as we shed that emotional baggage manifested in our physical body. As we go through our yoga practice, as we go through life, it’s time to permit ourselves to just be—surrender.

You can’t control everything, and you don’t have to.

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