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August 24, 2020

Universal Consciousness Wants You to Wear Your Mask, but there’s more to it than you think….

Masks protect.

Wear your mask, if not for yourself – for others.

It is the right thing to do and yes, takes some time getting used to.

But don’t delay.

Put your mask on today.

No more fighting.

No more debate or arguments of freedom.

The freedom you have is health and the mask provides the freedom of health to all.

It is the best way to avoid the contaminant, the intruder that impacts even the healthiest of bodies.

There is no discrimination and there is no predicatability of who, what, when or where.

It is filtering in the air everywhere, so wear the mask to protect yourself.

Wear the mask to protect others and the loved ones of others.

And you and your loved ones.

This is not up for debate.

It will bring you to your knees if you resist.

It is meant to undercut the old and destroy the patterns of past that have gotten in your way.

Everything will change.

And the masks are just the first of many situations that will require your flexibility.

And require you to relearn the old ways of being, which you cling so incredibly close to.

It is not necessary, this resistance.

You only delay the change.

You only increase the momentum of necessity for why this all began in the first place.

This is important for you to understand.

There is no going back!

Understand that this is where the truths lie – that the change is necessary for the survival of the planet and the human race to live together, in harmony and in love and respect and in equality of all of nature and the variety of beings that roam this earth.

You are vulnerable to this virus.

The mask will help you to conform to the idea of change – not to the fear of death.

For if you do not change your ways and how you live on this planet, death is certain.

Your time here can be stripped away with the force of a virus – quickly and succinctly, with no wavering.

Mother Nature has this power in her hands.

But she chooses instead to merely get your attention – not wipe out the Human race.

You are one of hers, one of many among equal beings, all of which belong to her.

She loves you all equally, but she must reign you in, for you jeopardize the health of her well being and the lives of her other children.

She can not choose sides – she sees you all equally as her beloved children.

But she must reign you in when you unfairly jeopardize the whole.

Use the mask, take the virus seriously.

The momentum of this path improves life on this planet for all.

These are forces you cannot toy with.

These are forces out of your control – forces meant to guide you into making better choices for yourselves and this planet.

These forces are inspiring change accompanied by measures that allow you to break free of the chains of old patterns and old ways of living and being that no longer serve all of Humanity and all that exists on this planet.

This is the beginning of the end.

The end of old systems, old institutions, old organizational structures – political, cultural, religious – none of which will stand.

All will crumble for the good of the All.

All will rise again, in a better space of hope and love and structure rebuilt to benefit all of Humanity and all that exists on this planet.

New ways of being are forming – as beautifully as the fires of foundation that pour from the depths of the ocean – hot and flexible and malleable, formed by the ebb and the flow of ocean tides, slowly and steadily growing with intention and momentum into new form of being. 

These times are ripe with hope and fresh with beauty.

Beautiful innovations and thoughts of body, mind and spirit are erupting from the depths of Humanity, from the fire of Humanity’s soul.

Be prepared.

Stay awake, for these times are worth witnessing and the formation of new ideas and thoughts and ways of being are forming through the tide and forming right in front of your eyes.

Don’t look back or you may miss what’s happening right in front of you.

Stay awake!

Stay true to the light and love of all that is good.

We are rooting for you and guiding you.

No alarm is necessary, just wear the mask and observe the changes that are forming all around you.


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