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August 8, 2020

Where phenomena occur, is paradise

where rocking chairs host stories

where lifetimes animate in lichens

where temples resound with dance

where nostalgia plays in courtyards

where habits amble in vendor carts

where unknown roads bring letters

where seas drizzle salt at skirt ends

where water melts in scalded songs

where devotion hums to a blue flute

where fingers count to release knots

where films are gatherings on streets

where candles play a gorgeous light

where stovetops glow with stability

where lexicons read into our marrow

where voices manifest into the moon

where days line up to receive the night

where daisies unfurl into constellations

where spider webs and static silences talk

where thick snow gathers like a ceremony

where ego renders itself into obliviousness

where people like you and me hug unabashedly

where tears are invented to be shed unlimitedly

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