September 28, 2020

5 Steps to Remember our Power Again when we Feel Lost.


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In this journey of life, it’s normal to have periods of time when we get lost.

When we forget what we’ve built before, and we act from our wounds, the needy parts of ourselves, the self that doesn’t remember what we already know, and what we’ve already experienced.

These times are necessary for us to remember how fragile and vulnerable we are, to see how human we are, so that we can love ourselves unconditionally, in a much more complete way than before.

It is in those times that we will get to see our darkness, our fears, and our shadows clearer than ever. And they will reveal the wounds that might be still asking for our gentleness and healing to pour into them.

When we are lost, placing our self-worth in the hands of others or in external situations, we are like a child acting from the fears of not feeling seen, loved, or cared for.

We might even be facing the beginning of the healing of an emotional addiction, which is one of the last, if not the last, layer to peel in order to meet the self—our true shine. This is one of the most beautiful opportunities life gives us to come back to ourselves, to our power, to make a communion with our inner child, and then to receive them. Asking for them to trust us and then, little by little, we gain our adulthood, power, experience, and wisdom, back.

Here are some exercises to do when you feel lost and ready for healing to happen:

Remember that it won’t be comfortable. That in the first days it will feel like dying, but we know the dying part is the ego, conditioning, and old habits.

Remember that you are opening up to the unknown, to what you don’t know, to one of the greatest surprises. Those past experiences have prepared you for this exact next step that will guide you to your pure authenticity. A new birth.

1. Don’t get distracted.

Our minds and our inner stories are keeping us from enjoying ourselves, our bodies.

Yesterday, I did a meditation with a group of friends where we allowed ourselves to feel our inner waters, our bones, our organs, our muscles, our skin—our whole body, allowing each of these parts to be expressed through gentle movement.

This reminded me of how distracted I get with my stories and what my ego wants, instead of enjoying the miracle of myself in so many possible ways such as this.

2. Feel it, feel it, feel it.

Surrendering to the pain, feeling it fully, and allowing it to be expressed by; crying, saying it out loud, writing it down, or singing through it, will allow us to cross the river little by little ’til we get to the other side.

This is the only way to begin to witness the healing of our deepest wounds, instead of acting from it in our relationships. We will begin to touch the root that caused us to be in that situation or caused us to be feeling these emotions in such an intense way.

3. Write and speak.

My therapist suggests that each time I am facing something really hard, it’s important to sit down and speak out loud when no one can listen to me, for 30-40 minutes, about my fears, what I feel, and what I think. Even if you no longer have something to say, keep talking. Something deep will be released.

Also, writing down the fears and copying the exact same text written on the first day for seven days in a row can be powerful. These two exercises will make us completely and fully aware of what’s inside and what we couldn’t see before. It is scary in the beginning, but we slowly begin to witness our steps and our capability of being born anew with the gathered wisdom from past experiences.

4. Each time the lesson comes, act as if you’ve already crossed the river.

It doesn’t mean this will be easy or that we will be able to do this in a natural way. It will be trial and error ’til one day our mind is already trained, the wound is already closed, and we are moving forward from a healed position.

This will take practice and a lot of willpower. But this is the only way to see ourselves in a new reality, to see different results, and to receive even more wisdom, experience, and gifts. We have to provoke the gifts we want to receive, and we do it by gifting ourselves with change.

5. Allow messages and meditations to come.

Once you are there, in the healing process, there’s no way out but through. Surrendering yourself to a higher power, God, with full trust that this will help release you from addiction, need, and expectation, will be one of the most important steps to take.

It will not only give you humility, but it will also open up a new door for you where you will find meditations, people, and messages that are perfectly put in your path to help you through this healing part of your journey.

We all know how scary it is to face our darkness, our mistakes, and release ourselves from guilt or shame.
But it is the only way to follow in order for us to meet who we are, and to feel our power again with more strength and certainty.

This will not only give us our power back, but will also give back the responsibility to others on how they behave.

Because it will never be our responsibility how others respond or act, it will only be our responsibility how we behave, how we respond, how we act.

Remembering your power means you’ve gone through the hero’s journey once more, and you’ve done magic—your inner, unique magic. This will give you a gift you can now bring back home with you and share it with the world.

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