September 22, 2020

A New Type of Woman is Rising—She will Burn all our False Belief Systems.

A new generation of women is coming out from hiding—facing its shadows, reclaiming its worth, owning their sexual power, and creating a new paradigm.

A new goddess is rising. 

Make no mistake, she does not care about your scriptures, your politics, priests, or religions. 

She will burn all false belief systems and mental neuroses at large, bringing a wave of fresh air upon the human psyche.

She will advocate for a more holistic way of living, where our inner darkness and light are mutually cared for with respect, reverence, and love.

She won’t divide or split a human in two: human and soul—lower and higher—pure and sinful.

She rises as a blank slate—a dark template that creates new light.

Her power comes from within; she does not gain her superpowers from anyone or anything.

Her being—her core essence—gives her the power to lead, to talk, to write, and to dance.

She will be a new kind of leader; one that is not interested in followers but in encouraging others to lead themselves—to live their best lives.

She does not need slaves, nor does she create them.

She creates and shares all.

She is not like any human or woman you have seen before.

She is at once an invisible destroyer and a phenomenal creator.

Fasten your seatbelts because it’s going to be a hell of a ride for humanity at large, as this new goddess slowly makes her entrance into the world.

Hell, a tsunami of change is shaking the world up as she enters into her full power to create a better world.

This woman will shake you up completely, from head to toe. You won’t remain the same after she rattles your core—there is no escape from her truth.

This new woman will bring about a new paradigm of men and women. The way women and men have been relating to each other for the last few centuries has been all wrong.

Most relationships are pretense—lacking true love and freedom.

Most relationships are on autopilot—an automatic repetition of the past, constantly reliving generational conditioning, trapped in chains.

The new woman is here to break the chains of old patterns and conditionings; to bring about a worldwide rebirth and an avenue for humans to live as their authentic souls. No longer will we be corrupted by societal norms and the patriarchy—its time has expired.

This new woman is more than human.

If you are a woman reading this—make this conscious effort to become her.

If you are a man—protect this new generation of women as if you are protecting your own tender heart, your feminine side. Help facilitate her rising—choose to walk beside her.

Together, we will become a force of nature that will shift everything on this planet.

The question is: are you ready to answer the call?


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Read 4 comments and reply

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