September 10, 2020

Fearlessness is feeling the Fear.

How to take a leap into a new life:

“Fearlessness, in the Buddhist tradition, is feeling the fear. Breathing through it and doing it anyway. Opening up your heart—that’s truly scary.

Fearlessness feels like fear.

The difference is that you don’t give up. You breathe through it.

And you don’t get caught in up in the fear, you don’t freeze. You don’t hate on yourself for feeling fear. You’re just brave enough to feel that vulnerability, to feel that fear and do it anyway.” ~ Waylon Lewis


Write your Heart Out with us this fall.

Our full, live, original, classic Elephant Academy is back.

Writing isn’t just for writers—it’s about uncovering the piece of yourself that is powerful, and through catharsis turning our obstacles into stepping stones for others. Now is the time to show up—for ourselves, and our world. That’s maitri—making friends with ourselves. That’s bravery in our vulnerability—empathy, the world’s most powerfully transformative emotion. It’s about finding your voice, finally.

Enrollment closes September 30th at midnight, MST!

Fall in love with your sweet self.

Join our Maitri: How to Fall in Love with your Sweet Self at 50% off during pre-registration (for not much longer!).


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