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September 10, 2020

For the ones that feel like home

Connection. It’s rare and it’s beautiful.

It’s the “you think that too” and the “I used to do that as a child” and the “that’s exactly how I see it” conversations that spark the flame initially and reveal that this person and you somehow are aligned. You often find this common ground early on, there is an unspoken chemistry that makes them magnetic. You often feel like you’ve known them forever, or met before. But it’s destined.

This isn’t as simple as an attraction, it isn’t as simple as a friendship, these are sometimes results of the current of invisible energy that binds you. These are by- products of chemistry, not the source.

Some see them as soul mates, some call them kindred; once you feel it, it’s unmistakable. It’s like an electricity that instantly binds you to that person. There is an instant ease, a likening, a devotion – a chemical collaboration. Almost instantly you know that this person was destined to cross your path. They feel like home.

A fortunate stroke of serendipity brings you together, the ease in which you find yourself in their company is unmatched, the impact they have on your life is great, the legacy of your meeting can be in a loving relationship, a deep friendship or an amazing business partnership. It’s unmatched, effortless. Rare.

Sometimes these encounters are brief, some last forever. The universe has its own plans. But once you’ve encountered one of these spell cast connections you are forever changed.

The waves of love, the strength of friendship, their touch. These people etch a little piece of themselves into the fabric of your being and you are forever somehow conjoined, even in distance.

Even when they are no longer in our lives, our lives are richer for having had them in it. We may not feel that at the time, we may never acknowledge it outwardly, but inwardly, you know. These once in a lifetime people come to us for a reason and wether they stay or go. Times are good or bad. Eventually you are reminded of their impact. You never really lose a soul connection. They always feel like home.

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