September 9, 2020

A Love Letter to my Curves & Grey Hair.


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A message to my beautiful body:

My freckles, my straggly hair with traces of gray, my big toes, my inclined elbows, my fat fingers, they all make me unique.

My long hands, which can hug my brother, sister, and mother together, make me proud of my existence and the love I get to receive.

My crooked teeth and my big lips make me feel attractive; I smile very often.

My short nails, from occasional biting, make me feel natural and strengthen my relationship with my inner child.

My long and healthy thighs remind me to be grateful for my ability to run, jump, and fight with my younger siblings.

My small eyes, and the wrinkles around them, make me gorgeous.

My belly fat, which I can kindly pinch while I stand in the shower, helps me deepen my self-love and confidence.

My body is beautiful; it is a piece of art; it is worthy of unconditional love.

My body is healthy and capable, and I am proud of what it can do.

The body is beauty in itself; it makes us uniquely us, and it is worth natural adoration rather than any exterior defamation.

I am here to spread body positivity.

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Read 5 comments and reply

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