September 8, 2020

A Letter to my Daughters about Learning to Raise the Sun. {Poem}

“Did you think the sun just comes up all by itself?”

I’m grinning as I read the caption of a picture of my daughter that comes into view on my screen. She’s standing in the stance I love the most—arms wide open. It’s morning. She’s raising the sun. 

I enjoy the pictures and captions that come up on my social media feed from one year ago, two years ago, seven years ago. They most always light up my face in memory of the moment and blow my mind in the way time changes things. 

However, some things remain the same. 

I believe the basic goodness of who we are and our essence remains the same through time. Life will condition us, test us, and cover up part of who we are, but when all that is stripped away, we are good and we are beautifully ourselves. It is here our gifts to the world can be found in their most pristine condition. 

I think of all of this as I smile at this picture of my daughter as she raises the sun with her arms and heart open wide. Within her essence is an eternal sun. If the world can’t see it, her mom can. 

The world is not perfect and not always kind. Her sensitive soul feels it all, but she has a tenacity for showing up with her own light and kind heart. In the heart of resilience, this is where it’s at. 


A Letter to My Daughters About Raising the Sun {Poem}

I’m attempting some words 

for what I wish for you. 

I need a bigger alphabet 

for what life will put you through.

But it’s not always bad

and it’s not always good. 

You’ll learn this life is yours.

You don’t have to do what you “should.”

And when you’re knocked down—

Get up. Bring your smile.

Burn your fire brighter.

Highlight your unique style. 

Embrace every feeling, 

but don’t get swept away.

Hold onto the ground. 

Seize every day. 

And when conditions darken,

observe and breathe here. 

Have compassion if you fall.

Dust off any fear. 

Your sun is up to you 

to bring out or hide away.

But your light is beautiful!

I see it most when you play.

I am blessed with daughters.

Boys? I have none. 

But it doesn’t seem to matter—

We’re raising the sun. 


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Read 23 comments and reply

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