September 16, 2020

Virgo New Moon: an Invitation to Realign with Ourselves & Feel into the Darkness. {September 17}

Whether it’s science or magic, if it’s of fun benefit, enjoy! ~ ed.

Shift. Change. Settle. Contort. Manage. Tend to.

These are the verbs we have been living by this last year, more so than any other, and rarely by our conscious choosing.

These are the day-to-day details of our lives in 2020.

Nearing the latter half of this tumultuous year, we can still feel the reverberations of the daily changes. Feeling “weird” energy on the daily is the name of the game. Anxious? No doubt. Feeling like your world is spinning around you while you are standing on your head, upside down and unsure of how you’ll land? Abso-freaking-lutely.

We may have been spinning out at the grandiose nature of these times or our trauma responses may have kept us stuck in the details that we can maybe, just maybe, try to control. But the controlling game isn’t working anymore. Life never wanted to be controlled. It never wanted to be micro-managed, nit-picked, and festered over.

Life wanted to be lived. In the moment. In this moment. Yes, even that one—the one that feels unbearable to be with.

Anxiety is something many of us have gotten to know this last year (if we hadn’t intimately known this energy already). As an aside, I wouldn’t wish anxiety upon my own worst enemy. It’s a formless feeling, generalized or specified, hovering or cowering over, an energy not my own, but taken on as such because it’s been there for so damn long.

Energies these days are still in flux. They’re moving at a rapid rate, faster than our minds can make sense of. To just allow the energy to be as it is, without judgment or story, is the practice. To witness it all. To witness the self and the stories about the self.

We are still in the darkness, even more so these next few days, with the Virgo new moon on September 17th at 6 a.m. CST. The moon will align with the sun in the sky at 25 degrees of Virgo. This will be a supermoon (the first of three, in fact), where the moon is orbiting much closer to Earth. This magnifies the lunar energy.

Virgo is an Earth sign, ruled by Mercury. Mercury governs the mind, the thoughts, and the mental body. Virgo is attached to the practical aspects of life, and also what makes tangible “sense” to the mind. The unseen realms are not the most comfortable for these land-locked, numbers-based purists. Virgo energy is all things health-related, routine, the day-to-day order and structure of life, the details of home life, work, organization, and habits.

Left unchecked, our minds may have felt busy lately. Extra full of thoughts and details—over-thinking, over-analyzing, over-calculating. This is just the extra Virgo energy (as the sun and moon are both in Virgo), so no need to judge it.

Virgos love to judge (mostly the self) and critically analyze, so this may be extra hard right now. But when we remove judgement, what is left? We find the spaciousness and the breathing room these perfection-seeking beings need to release the pressure they put on themselves.

Pressure to perform at the top of their game at all times may have felt safest when failing wasn’t. Whether Virgos or not, we can all relate to that fear of failure. But pressure sometimes doesn’t leave much room for figuring it out and feeling it out as we go, in the darkness.

And that is precisely the energy of this new moon: to feel into the darkness without the need to know what’s next.

As new moons are all about initiating new beginnings, realigning, and being with the darkness of new birth, the invitation here is to realign. We may be feeling all the ways in which we don’t want to feel: anxious, disoriented, fragmented, spacey. But, beneath the mind “feeling,” what does the body feel?

Ground into that truth. Ground into that waking presence. The body is our friend and our tool to realign back to this moment, back to the earth of us, back to the integrity of being.

Virgos love to stay fixated on the details—the hows, whys, whats, and whens—and they’re so good at planning and preparing for the worst. We can thank the Virgos in our lives for being so damn prepared! They are the most reliable, loyal, consistent, and dependable of us. They know how to focus. They know how to work. They know how to plan and structure their day-to-day lives.

There is nothing wrong with this. And when Virgos, or any of us, feel panic and anxiety mounting, we must remember that it’s the energy at play; but we decide when to let it pass through, to ground it down into the earth and allow it to be absorbed there.

Whenever we are moving from unchecked—but really, unwitnessed—fear, we will feel it. Our anxiety will tell us: “Come back to love. Come back to care. To connection. To wholeness. To honoring that wholeness within and without,” and it will let us know in sometimes strange and scary ways. We can feel when we are out of alignment with love. And, it doesn’t feel good. But, we don’t need to judge or shame ourselves for it. It doesn’t mean we need to feel different or contort ourselves back to feeling a more preferable emotion. But, we can offer space and awareness to that anxious feeling, which in and of itself is loving.

Breathe. Just notice the breath even. Don’t judge it; just be with it. Let this realignment orient ourselves back into space and time again.

This new moon is aligning us back to truth. Back to the choices we do have. Back to the details of the heart. Because the moon is the feminine, the heart space, the unseen choices we have to bring more awareness to with the utmost compassion for the self undergoing these massive changes.

We are all just figuring it out as we go. No need to do it perfectly (even for you Virgos, or more Virgo-oriented beings).

So, when the anxiety feels like it’s too much, remember that energy is just passing through you. No need to hold onto it. No need to even know what it is. No need to resist it anymore. Just let it be and let it breathe.

The new moon energy is a time to realign back to the integrity of purity, and to the pureness of love. Pureness lies in the heart, where love and the true oneness with self and others can be felt. To remove the judgment (toward self or other) is the boldest act of all. Judgment is the only “thing” to shift now.

Remember that we can witness the self with love. That is our choice, and our power. The details of life and the structure are still being formed and felt. Realign over and over again with love and watch the details form more effortlessly together again.

Slow down. Notice the details. Be mindful of the physical reality. What are we seeing, smelling, hearing, or tasting? Reconnect with what is here and now.

When we feel ourselves caught up in seeking control, certainty, order, or perfection, maybe we can ask these deeper questions to the scared part of the self, the one afraid it won’t receive what it needs: “How may I serve you?” “What is it you need to feel safe?” 

This part of us has only forgotten that love is omnipresent and maybe just needs the reminders from our own hearts and minds that this love is, in fact, available and given freely from the self. We can give it love now—maybe the love it never got.

Settle into the darkness of this new moon. Tend to the details of love in action. The self is already whole and perfect as is. Hold the fearful self closer still. He/she/they is more than good enough. Settle into the body and be kind to the mind, even if it scares us sometimes; thank it for trying to figure everything out for us. And remember, we are birthing a new world as we go—how could we expect that to be comfortable?

We are birthing each other too, in each moment, when we can witness another’s pain and hold it in our awareness with love and attention. Notice what stirs in us. There is always love or an invitation to love, so birth yourself each moment, as many times as needed, to feel like you are safe to be and show up as things continue to change and shift.

Underneath the shifting, we are rooted in our being, our nature, which is a subtle but profound way to hold kindness and love for self and others. This is what we are being asked: to realign back to this unshakeable foundation, no matter the quaking of life on the surface.

That is pureness. That is who we are. Birth it now, with love and infinite permission to be here.


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