September 14, 2020

Will You be My Surrogate Mom?

I wish I could go to the store and buy a mom.

She would have long, brown hair, and a smile just like Ms. Honey from the movie, “Matilda.”

We would dance, have tea parties, and read books every night before bed.

During the holidays, I’d crawl up into her lap, drink hot cocoa, and snuggle.

I know that I’m 28, but I still long for this more than anything.

My mom would be gentle, and she would smell like lavender.

She’d make pancakes, love sunflowers as much as I do, and teach me how to grow a garden. Sometimes she would let me sneak a piece of chocolate for breakfast or skip school and watch movies instead.

Each night, she’d tuck me in bed, tell me she loves me, and wait until I drifted off to sleep before leaving.

I was asked recently what I would buy if I could have anything in the world. I said a mom.

Maybe it doesn’t make sense.

I’m 28 after all.

You see, though, there’s a five-year-old little girl inside me crying uncontrollably for something she’s never had.

I know I can’t buy a mom.

One day I’ll need to be one for her.

Right now though, I’m looking for a surrogate mom.

If you’d like to be mine, please let me know.




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Read 6 comments and reply

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