October 24, 2020

5 Sex Tips I’ve Learned from Working in the Adult Industry.

Watching porn is not only fun, it can be educational too.

Nowadays, there’s a bottomless pool of amateur adult entertainers streaming from the comfort of their homes, which means you have an excellent chance of finding someone whose content you really admire.

Emulating your favorite adult influencers can make you far more confident in your own skills as well as inspire new ideas in the bedroom.

For me, after three years as the community manager of an adult social media network, I’ve heard many tips, tricks, and advice on what makes for great sex from some of the top influencers who are making a living doing it. It’s now my pleasure to share what I’ve learned to help everyone find the sex god or goddess lurking within.

Are you ready to achieve porn star status? I’ve rounded up the top five tips from our favorite adult influencers to help you inject a bit more sizzle into your bedroom activities.

Let’s take a look at how you can elevate your lovemaking from ordinary to orgasmic.

(Don’t) Take it All Off

It sounds like an odd tip, but if you watch enough adult entertainment, you may find that there isn’t as much full nudity as there is selective unveiling. That’s not done by accident, and some adult influencers believe that leaving yourself in a state of partial undress can fan the flames much more than getting stark naked.

The reason? With sex, nudity is the expected outcome, so leaving on one or two key pieces of clothing can actually enhance the experience and make it more exciting for both partners. For women in particular, wearing heels and nothing else can serve to elongate the body and possibly improve the strength and intensity of orgasm.

Strive for (Im)perfection

It may be tempting to try and achieve a smooth, paint-by-the-numbers tryst where everyone is picture-perfect and not a single hair is out of place. But as nice as that may be to watch, trying to achieve it on your own is guaranteed to make for stressful sex. Remember, adult performers are working under extremely monitored circumstances—do you really want a camera watching your every move? (Actually, don’t answer that!)

True, passionate sex should reflect just that: passion! Rather than striving for sex that only looks great, go for an experience that will feel great for you both. Laughter, slipups, and stumbles can and do happen to every dancing pair in the bedroom, and embracing those awkward moments will help you relax, deepen your connection to one another, and make the sex even better.

Want proof? There has been a huge uptick in amateur porn in recent years, and more people are interested in following adult influencers rather than watching studio-made productions. Part of the reason behind that is that people enjoy seeing those real-life stumbles and fumbles that happen during sex. Anyone can find an example of professional, perfect on-screen sex, but when it comes down to it, watching amateurs can be much more enjoyable, and it’s the element of reality that makes it so.

Not only that, many amateur performers—especially adult influencers—have the luxury of setting the rules for how they want the scene to go down. They’re their own directors, their own marketers, and more often than not, their own cameraperson.

Amateur porn is actually an extremely healthy sexual outlet, and that means that it’s a lot easier for these performers to achieve a great deal of real pleasure from their shows. Who better to learn from? Think about it this way: more organic = more orgasmic!

Switch It Up

There’s no playbook when it comes to great sex, but one hard and fast rule to keeping it exciting is to keep the action moving in an unexpected way. No one said that sex has to follow a straight line from kissing to foreplay to intercourse, but a lot of people are kind of stuck in that pattern. We talked to some of our top influencers who suggest that instead of traveling down a one-way street, try switching it up.

Going from oral to sex and then back to oral can not only provide the element of surprise for your partner, but it can also help delay orgasm, which will help build the anticipation and make for a more explosive ending. Allowing your partner to get to the brink using one method and then pulling back to try another will absolutely have them begging for more.

Take Matters into Your Own Hands

Speaking of delaying orgasm, according to sex workers, the best way to practice that particular technique is with your own two hands. Regularly practicing delaying during masturbation can help train your body to reach the edge and then dial it back a notch so that the intensity can continue to grow and grow. When you finally do go over the edge, it’ll be more of a scream than a whisper.

Similarly, many adult influencers recommend manual stimulation during sex breaks to keep yourself in the moment and your body primed and ready for action.

Be Mindful

Let’s be real—you can’t be effective at the task at hand if you’re preoccupied with how to make the mortgage payment.

For influencers, this is an actual occupational hazard; it’s difficult to remain in the moment when there is a camera watching your every move. But if you’re looking for a little evening wrestling sesh with your partner, you should make sure your mind is focused, calm, and ready to give 100 percent. You should also follow the rule dictated by sleep doctors the world over—your bed should be for two things: sleep and sex. Working in bed creates a negative connotation with the space and makes it difficult to fully relax when it’s time for sex or sleep.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with turning an eye toward adult entertainment to brush up on technique, try out a new position, or learn an innovative technique, but be sure to give yourself a break on the outcome.

It’s not going to go smoothly every time, but, (as with everything) practice makes perfect, and what could be more fun to take on a few dozen test drives?


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