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October 6, 2020


The world is growing continuously and develops uniquely. The developmental growth of the world also comes up with different changes and problems. It is a great thing that the world is thriving in business and giving revenue including e-commerce and online business. This made the world a happy place but it brings some problems with it. One person is interested in doing shopping, purchasing clothes and other things from different brands then how he/she will become a conscious consumer.

If you aren’t familiar with the phrase “conscious consumerism” then this is a great opportunity for you to become a conscious consumer. You can cope up with the problems that are arising with the changes in the world. It is the first step to take. In this article, I am going to guide you to how you become a conscious consumer. The Fashion industry is changed with the change in time.

Many fashion industries and other luxury industries have a dangerous and worst working condition related to the ethical issues and fulfilling of promises which depict only their outliers from their promises. We can change and have the power to control this situation.

1: Take care and use of your own clothes:

Taking care of your clothes is the primary step and believe me it’s the best thing you can do right now to be a mindful consumers. Follow the instructions of the care tags of clothes. Hand wash the clothes and take care of the sweaters. Repair the missing and tear buttons. The clothes last longer when you take care of them properly.

2.Use coupons,discounts and promotional codes:

There are a lot of websites are available online which you can use to buy your product of need. These websites provide the customers with coupons by which you can buy in less or at half prices.Coupons,discounts and promotional codes are good way to adapt conscious consumerism as it allows customers to buy with limited resources spent.  These online shopping websites discount to customers so they can do shopping easily. You can get coupons from these websites which can make you a mind and conscious consumer.

3. Knowledge of fabric material:

You should be aware of the material of fabric as it is a deceiving area for business. Some companies are working on different projects and try to develop sustainable fabric. The material like plastic uses in many fashion industries and it has a disadvantage that it takes years to decompose and degrade it.

To overcome this difficulty you should keep an eye on natural and organic fabric which provides you with durability and you can use it comfortably and a long time.  There are some new and unique fabrics that are available for purchasing and should keep an eye on it while doing shopping. These are GOTS, Hemp, and TENCEL which are of good quality.

4. Do less shopping but choose well:

Vivienne Westwood wrote a quote “buy less, choose well and make it last” and it doesn’t need explanation. It needs that you should buy less but choose well and unique products which you can use for a longer period. You should buy things which are made of high-quality materials because they last longer and you don’t need to replace them often.

Be reasonable and remain in your limits and avoid purchasing the highly low price tag materials which you need to replace soon and you will follow buy and throw policy. Be a conscious consumer to be a satisfied person.

5.Satisfy your curiosity, ask questions:

You can take a new step about your clothes and start questioning other things instead of this that will this dress suit me or will I look great in it? You can ask a question about the quality of the fabric. Who made these clothes? From where were these clothes come? Where were they made? These types of questions will develop a new perspective for the people and industries which make clothes for us.

6.Budget can bear your expenses:

As we know organic material fibers are expensive and we can’t bear these expenses of purchasing costly products. So, be conscious and try to calculate the price per wear and know your limit that can you buy it without being in trouble. This is the point where you can’t force yourself to buy expensive clothes and don’t hesitate to be a conscious consumer. Buy clothes and products of reasonable prices and live happily.

7.Buy second hand:

You can take a step to remove the stigma of using second-hand clothes in society. Buying vintage or second-hand cloth is a budget-friendly and alternative to waste your money on new clothes on and off. By wearing you can increase the lifetime of those clothes and can try to decrease the environmental negative effect. So can buy second-hand clothes online and you can get a great product from there.

8. Exchange, share, and hire:

You want to look up-to-date according to the fast fashion industry. For this purpose, you can exchange party wears and dress from your friends and you can share dresses to look great for the time being. If there isn’t any option available rather you can hire clothes for that time and you will look according to the fashion trend.

9.Do it yourself:

If there is ripping in clothes are buttons are missed out, you can mend it. What you can do? You can try to learn the basic of sewing so you can do it yourself and can reuse the clothes. You can use your creativity and tailor your clothes in a new style. Embellishment can be added to the clothes to make them even more beautiful. This will save you money and will make you a conscious consumer.

10.Revolution joining:

Different revolution organizations are here and you can join them for getting transparent work, a safer environment, and a more comfortable place to work. Many people join this fashion revolution to make the situation better for workers and try to remove the filthy things from the industry to get better work. They are playing their part in making the world a more presentable place.


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