October 8, 2020

Kleem: the Single Word that (Might) Completely Change your Love Life.

With dating apps, virtual dating events, blind dates, and set-ups, dating has definitely evolved over the years.

But what if our dating practices don’t need to evolve with the times?

What if what we really need is to go back to the basics—and I mean way back—to the belief that one simple word can change the vibration of our energy and attract the love we desire? What would happen?

Try Kleem, the one-word mantra that we can use to manifest love.

Kleem is a powerful sound that can create or attract loving relationships. Our minds should be thinking of the sound or mantra all the time.

To better understand Kleem, it’s important to understand mantras. Mantras are words that contain sound vibrations that, when used, become integrated into our bodies, minds, and spirits.

Kleem holds a sound frequency that can silently remedy relationship problems and bring more love and success to all of our relationships. Kleem can also help remove judgements from our minds so that we can better see a situation and everyone involved more objectively.

When we are able to consciously refrain from making judgments about someone and, as a result, stop trying to control someone’s behavior, we’ll likely find that we begin to relate to others in a more peaceful way.

There are many ways we can begin incorporating the energy of Kleem into our lives and relationships. Here are three to start:

1. Chant Kleem.

Create a dedicated Kleem practice where you chant the mantra 108 times in a row. Or you can chant Kleem throughout your day, while you’re working, washing the dishes, going for a run, or driving home from work.

Your Kleem chanting practice can be as formal or as informal as you’d like. Start with chanting loud and robustly, then let it become softer and softer. Then, chant it internally. The movement from loud to subtle makes it grow in strength. You’re moving from larger vibrations to more refined and subtle ones.

2. Listen to the Kleem mantra.

Play audio loops of Kleem while you work, rest, or eat. Let it play in the background; chant along with the mantra whenever you can.

3. Write Kleem.

Try writing “Kleem” 108 times per day to help bring the thought into physical reality.

Writing is a powerful practice that can help focus attention and improve the connection between mind and body—allowing for a more powerful manifestation process.

Try committing to a Kleem practice for two weeks. Then notice the shift in how both you and others show up in your relationships.


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