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October 15, 2020

Embracing the Suck. When “Good Vibes Only” and “Love Yourself” falls flat.

If the notion of loving yourself, befriending yourself or Maitri can feel as empty, off and wrong as “Good Vibes Every Day”, start here:


Try on, like a new hat, the idea that there is nothing wrong with you or your experience.


What if I told you that you don’t need fixing?

That you will feel bored, lonely, left out and scared in your life. 

That you will make mistakes and mess things up. 

That you will probably cause harm somehow, some way even unintentionally? 


What if I could predict, with some certainty, that you will probably feel some amount of discomfort today?

You will at some point, maybe often, experience feeling tired, hungry, confused, frustrated. 

You might feel anxious, depressed, even helpless. 

You might have aches and pains. Big and small. 


What if? 


What if I said “This is how it will always be”? (to some extent)

You will always feel some things that are uncomfortable, probably daily, even for a moment. 

That you will always feel sad, worried, annoyed, stressed, sometimes.

That you will age. You will slow down. You will change and wrinkle and gray, and sag. Hopefully.


Would you stop making it a problem? 


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