October 1, 2020

31 Reasons Why Your Vote Matters.


Old Benjamin Franklin famously said something like “it’s your democracy, if you can keep it.”

His point? We can do better. We can progress. We can care for one another. We can vote.

And if we don’t—democracy is a fragile blessing, best appreciated daily, no matter how imperfect. Democracy itself is in peril, this year, and we urge you to vote, and make sure your friends register to vote.

We may want to avoid politics, but it will not avoid us.

For “politics” affects every inch of our lives: education, health care, food, travel, basic rights, clean air, safe homes, even the weather. Who we can love, our Social Security, our Post Office, our pre-existing conditions. Honesty, our income, a fair economy.

So don’t leave politics to the corrupt, bullying, aggressive, immoral, or greedy. Politics should be the playing field of those who are kind, those who are meek, those who are decent.

Let’s vote our hearts out!

2020 Your Vote Matters Challenge.

Thursday, October 1

1. Voting Rights

Exercising our voting rights in any election is important—but we also need to be aware that how we vote can influence our voting rights. And 2020 is no exception. The United States has a way to go before becoming a truly democratic society. One of the barriers to that is voting laws. Vote in 2020, so that you and others can have fair, equal, and democratic voting rights in the future.
What's At Stake
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Download and share this handy guide with everyone who can, and should, vote. Stick it on your fridge, on your work noticeboard, on your front door

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