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November 15, 2020

Are you free to be?!

Food For Thought – Are you living a ‘FREE’ Life that is created by you and for you?

You were different at 8 to how you were at 20, to how you were at 30, to how you are today.. I don’t believe in any kind of personality that is really constant, I do however believe in values that are constant. Values of the heart: courage, love, peace, strength, integrity, authenticity, friendliness, warmth and congruence.

I don’t believe people are limited by the experience of themselves, I believe people are limited by others and their experience of life and themselves, which they project onto others.

I believe there are two kinds in life; the controllers that believe in ‘righteousness’ or dogma, a code for living or being a certain way and then those that want to experience the full on life and learn through life itself.

To be ‘free’ is  dangerous. As it exists as completely open.

I believe that we can be free and to be free is to live a free thinking life; to dream of our passions and live a life of intention and possibility, if one can realize the illusion of a life that is conditioned or created then they are free to create something else. I think the most freeing thing is to capitalize on the beauty of life and in its simplicity: ‘existence’. To infuse every act with a sense of purpose and active living intention, where one becomes the conscious choice, living their own life from the truth of themselves and not dictating to others how they should live out of fear.

When fear comes up, realize it’s just a body response to facing something new and unexpected but to not project that fear onto another as a control or restriction. When we live from the heart we don’t need to worry about any wrong doing.

So when fear arises the mind wishes to recognize it or put meaning on it and we can fall down the rabbit hole of trying to understand it. When fear arises just recognize it as a body response and invite it in, embrace it, allow it just to be with you as an old friend.

Be happy, dance to great music, eat food you love, let your desire aspire and inspire you, a woman is nothing without a man and a man is nothing without a woman, make love, stop being dramatic, bless everyone you meet, love your pain until it finds its home, be beauty, dress yourself, express yourself, be a paint bomb of neon skies, buy a unicorn head, hug a tree, trees are sexy, be the offering you are. Say Fuck a few times a day, it feels great, be happy. Be fulfilled.

The sky is seen as blue on a spectrum of light at the back of your eyes. Everything is projection, the radiance of one’s mind. Live well, be kind, stay free

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