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November 2, 2020

At 3 am, Equal Parts Neediness and Love.

NaNoReMo – Day 1

He sits on my squishy, down pillow nudging his brown, furry head under my hand in a gesture that is equal parts neediness and love.

With one eye I glance at the clock. 3 am. “Really, Luke,” I think to myself. “Now?” With a mind of its own, my hand caresses his head and gently my fingers slide up and down the two sides of his head up to the tops of his ears and back down to his neck. He’s loved this gentle maneuver since he was a baby and he shifts his weight closer to me to snuggle in for warmth.

His brown fur feels so silky as I slowly slide my hand down his back from head to tail over and over, easing us both into a calm hypnosis. Gently, he leans his head very close to mine so I smell his warm, moist kibble breath and he gently nibbles on the tip of my nose, giving me a slightly scratchy love bite.

His purring gently vibrates us both and lulls me back to sleep.

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