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November 3, 2020

Night Walks

I’d like to walk 


With my thoughts

In the moonlight

Under the comfort

Of darkness 

But the fear

Keeps me inside

I’d like to walk 


These man-made locks

Keep me

From city blocks

Without my consent

The keys who’s keeper

I resent

I’d like to walk


In the stillness 

Of stars

Without cars slowly passing

Too close for comfort

With no reason to be

And no one around to hear me scream 

I’d like to walk 


Without you 

Telling me

I should carry a gun

Or at least 

Pepper spray

To give me a chance to get away 

I’d like to walk


All the way home

Without feeling


By your gaze

Without daylight

To save me

I’d like to walk


And know

That I don’t need

To watch my back

From attack

The fact is

We’re far from that.

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