November 29, 2020

The Lessons we Learn when we Stop Grasping—& Start Healing.

Grasping. Grasping for instant gratification. Gasping for love. Grasping for reassurance. Grasping for outward energy.

This same ol’ behavior, played out in endless ways.

Grasping for knowledge. Grasping for spiritual development. Grasping for more. Grasping for all these external highs. For all these things beyond ourselves. Technology pulling us further in. Forgetting our truth, wasting this infinite potential that lives within. This endless loop of insatiable desire, fueled by ego, fueled by the very forces we are so damn triggered to see in the world today.

Some see it. Some are beginning to see it. Some just aren’t ready. We are all on different paths. But even for those who begin to see and experience beautiful moments of clarity, even for those with grand illusions of just how woke we have become—still, so many of us get stuck in these small snippets of the grand scheme of all that’s going on, stuck in the ego.

Wanting more, more, more, whatever this more just may be. Stuck—in this microscopic fraction of the macrocosm of gifts that awaits us when we learn to go beyond this grasping, tune in, and connect to our hearts. To slow down. To pay attention. To connect with the subtle energy of love all around. To be content. To share what we can. To appreciate everything right before us here and now. Beyond this grasping. Beyond this external realm. It’s our choice; remain stuck, or do the work to move beyond.

Finding sacred beauty in the now, even in the mundane—that’s the true magic. That’s that elusive power we begin to access when we learn to practice surrender, this merging of body, mind, and soul. This ability to be content here, cultivated by the things in our life—the habits we choose, the people we allow into our lives, the passions we explore, and all the paths we follow. All these different routes leading to the same destination, right here. Here where we can begin to find beauty in the everyday ups and downs, in letting go and making space, in the lessons present within each experience and interaction we have, and that sweet warmth of subtle energy flowing all around.

Once we begin to experience this, the work begins to make sense.

And we while we may go back and forth between these two states of awareness while learning to navigate through the struggles of this inward journey, and having to show up in this fast-paced world, it’s helpful to remember: it’s all okay and it’s all a part of the journey.

What is key is to develop a deep and consistent relationship with whatever takes us to this space where we are able to merge mind, body, and spirit—meditation, asana, mantra, devotion, hiking, dance, music, art, surf, climbing, gardening, the list of anchors and teachers are endless, but whatever we choose to take us there, the concept remains the same; the more we practice, and the more we learn to take care of these powerful vessels we find ourselves in, the more we can fully access our true power and potential in this life.

It’s truly is up to us. To remain open to relearning how to be in this world, to learn how to truly take care of ourselves. To surrender and develop this ability to return to our truth, this innate wisdom and strength within us all. To establish anchors, with strength to pull as back to into power through the simple things we choose in our life. It’s up to us to rise above. Together.

I wrote these words after a powerful experience seeing the reflection of my ego in the world around. Seeing the work that needs to be done not only by me, but by the collective. We all have our role. We are truly such powerful beings, with infinite potential, when we take the time to cultivate the collective compassion, empathy, and self-love needed to move forward in this broken world. It’s up to each and every one of us to do the work in our own lives, through the choices that we make, because we truly have the power needed to heal what needs to heal in this life.

And just when the words stopped flowing, I found the powerful words I jotted down months ago, while listening to a talk given by Dr. Frawley, one of my favorite voices of Ayurveda breaking down the healing process:

“We have the power to change who we are. If we change our lifestyle, habitual things–food, eating, a good system of knowledge…. Modern science has shown us how things affect us on a subtle level. Good power of attention, concentration, and focus in order to change our lives. That’s where it helps to not fall into depression. What allows us to heal and transform–why we need community, family, friends. If we dedicate ourselves to this life, overtime, magic will occur. The Sattvic way of life. Many living in Tamasic ways – retreating living low key lives, many stuck in stimulation, stuck in Rajas. We are a stimulation-based society, in an epidemic of depression. What is causing this? Stimulation. The more you rely on stimulation for happiness, the more you need to be happy. Until you burn out all together. This Rajas is intoxicating yes, but the long-term effect is to dull us – putting us back into this tamasic state. We must learn to be able to enjoy our own nature. Learning the right use of our senses. We have lost a lot of our sensory ability because of stimulation. Same with food and relationships. The mind is an addiction mechanism – once we get set in our ways, it can be very hard to change. Developing the digestive fire is a great remedy when the behavior is very addictive. The spark of transformation can also be passed on from one person to another. Start where you can and learn how to live your own life again. Be aware of your breath, of how your senses relate to people directly. One hour a day for 1 year dedication and consistency to whatever practice you choose and major changes can occur, you just have to be willing to make the effort.”

Timely words, as I observe many of us forced for the first time, in perhaps a long time, to slow down and root back into life.

Many of us are so used to existing in this state of Rajas, this fast-paced way of life, so accustomed to seeking out this Rajas to fuel the insatiable desires held within.

Travel plans cancelled, moves, breakups, major life changes, triggering events all around, emotions at an all-time high. What I observe right now, beyond the fear, beyond this shared desire for continuity, security, and peace is the work being done.

The major shifts occurring all around that are so f*cking uncomfortable at times, but so necessary for our evolution as a whole.

We simply must keep doing the work, remembering to have fun along the way. One of the most important things to consider, as we apply this outward need to push our evolution forward as humans, is that it doesn’t have to be so serious.

Some of the best healing is done through laughter, and love. Let’s try to enjoy it.

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Read 2 comments and reply

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