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November 10, 2020

Thought is not real and how do we know?!

What is perception?!


Perception is simply how our thought structure affects how we view reality. Breaking down the process of thinking is essential if we wish to become more conscious and overcome our reactive nature. Here are the different ways in which the mind works as a process for reflective awareness.

Simplification : People will identify with an object outside themselvs, because as humans we are both sensory and organised beings, we assess how information is organised according to personal reference, reflection or experience. The perceiver simplifies huge information into personal perception and this fter is then assessed by our internal belief structure, which is conditioned by society and religion.

Internal influence

Self-concept : The way a person views the world dependson the self image absorbed or conditioned

Beliefs : A person’s beliefs have a profound influence on perception. Information is conceived not on what it is but what a person believes it to be.

Expectations : These affect what a person perceives. Leading to self comparison and complaining

Inner Needs : The need is a feeling or tension or discomfort, arising when one thinks they’re missing out on something. People have different needs experience, different attractions. According to Freud, wishful thinking is the means by which the critical aspect of mind self soothes.

Response Disposition : refers to a person’s tendency to perceive familiar stimuli rather than unfamiliar ones.

Response Salience : It is the pre-disposition which is determined by a person’s own cognitive predispositions. Thus, a particular problem may be viewed as a problem that doesn’t exist in reality. Is it true to anything other than my mind right now!? Is a useful question to ask is this true?!

Factors that reside in the ‘Perceiver’ i.e., attitude, motives, interests, past experiences and personality, expectations

Becoming aware of the emotions that influence our mood, is key. Look at how anger might influence your inner reflection or response, than one starts to understand the nature of emotion as fleeting and false.

All perception is simply projection. To see the world as it is, one needs to realise what one is and how they are viewing the nature of their reality.

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