November 24, 2020

Good Advice for Right Now.

Don’t travel. If you’re traveling already…

“Anyone else skipping Thanksgiving & Christmas with family? I look forward to seeing them next year.”

Dr. Fauci called it, yet again. If you’re traveling this Thanksgiving and Christmas, shame on you.

For those who accuse me of SHAMING!, shaming is just a deflection for those who decline to accept responsibility for their actions.

We’re looking at 400,000/costly cases a day by Christmas.

We’re looking at 20 million cases of COVID before Biden takes office. 420,000 dead Americans.

If you don’t care about your fellow Americans, fellow citizens—who are you? You want Peace on Earth? Act like it. Actions speak louder than Hallmark Cards.

For those who accuse me of “shaming” them, being shameless in a country that is failing to wear masks or distance, causing up to 500,000 to die, including healthcare workers, including our neighbors, including the vulnerable and the elderly, including our mom n’pop shops and communities…is shameful.

“Thank goodness for that $1200 in April. And unemployment runs out Dec 26th. Merry Christmas, America! Enjoy the Greatness.”

“House Democrats are trying to pass relief bills. Senate Republicans are blocking it. It’s important to know who doesn’t give a damn about you.” ~ comments


“With America experiencing a 2.1% COVID19 case fatality rate, that is 420,000 dead Americans.”

“Don’t forget to add in the excess deaths for the year not attributed to, but likely due to COVID.”

“When healthcare truly collapses, excess deaths will go nuts.” ~ more comments


“We’re just going to eat the way that we normally would,” said Tamra Schalock of Redmond, Ore., who is hosting a party of 13. “We believe that family is important, and we believe that people who don’t have family need a place to go.”


More than 200,000 dead since March. Cities in lockdown. Vaccine trials underway.

And a holiday message, of sorts: “See that Thanksgiving celebrations are restricted as much as possible so as to prevent another flare-up.”

It isn’t the message of Thanksgiving 2020. It’s the Thanksgiving Day notice that ran in the Omaha World Herald on Nov. 28, 1918…



COVID-19 cases could nearly double before Biden takes office. Proven model developed by Washington University, which accurately forecasted the rate of COVID-19 growth over the summer of 2020, predicts 20 million infected Americans by late January. 

“Many earlier coronavirus clusters were linked to nursing homes and crowded nightclubs. But public health officials nationwide say case investigations are increasingly leading them to small, private social gatherings. This behind-doors transmission trend reflects pandemic fatigue and widening social bubbles, experts say — and is particularly insidious because it is so difficult to police and likely to increase as temperatures drop and holidays approach.”

Three little pieces of Good Advice for Right Now.

What else? Comment with yours, I’ll add it in if it makes some sense.

Don’t travel.

If you are traveling, do take every precaution–and that includes in your family home. Have celebrations outdoors, if you must demask.

​If you’re traveling already, or must travel, really, wear a mask. Distance. If you’re indoors, distance isn’t enough. Don’t honor your family by killing them, or getting them and all those around us (we think our circles are small, they’re huge) sick. You never know who’s vulnerable. You can’t tell by looking.

Spend your money locally. Support artisans. Boycott Amazon. This is a matter of life and death for mom n’pop shops—because Mitch and Friends have declined to fund a second round of PPP, and half of Americans don’t give a care about others (no mask, no distance). If you’re wanting to support a restaurant, order from them directly, and ask for no plastic (compostable is love, plastic is forever).

What else is good advice for right now?

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Read 14 comments and reply

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