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November 13, 2020

What Is True About You!

So often we wait for some kind of permission to live or to be who we are. It’s a tragic story. What are you waiting for?! The permission to be who you are comes from you when you stop being afraid of what people might think about who you are. Believe me it takes so much energy to suppress who you really are than to actually embody it.

One needs to eliminate the idea that they need some kind of external validation or permission to be who they are and boldly go for it. People will like you or not like you on both counts so isn’t it better to embody authenticity than live a beautiful lie.

It’s important to understand at this point that being uniquely you is not having or getting whatever you want, whenever you want it, because being you will not or ever need to attain anything or want anything else! But by being you others will feel safe and free to be themselves around you. This is the gift authenticity gives the world. A chain reaction that supports the dream of you in the world.

When we become authentic our hearts desire is revealed to us, we don’t need anything else. We become clear about our purpose and know intuitive how to spend our time and who to spend it with. Our inner knowing becomes our compass, we start to navigate the world from a space of flow and feel into what is authentic and inauthentic around us. Things, people, places and things fall naturally away when we ask simple focused questions like: ‘is this the best use of my life force!?’, Have I spent time doing what I truly desire today!?

Naturally our authenticity will eliminate any personal sabotage or time wasting. Authenticity simply knows what’s a waste of time and will clear the way for focused flow in all endeavours. Its OK to be self focused and not live a life that is bound by a duty and responsibility to others. In fact your doing the world a favour by living in authenticity because you’re exactly where you are supposed to be without any doubt and without any effort you will help and serve those who benefit from your authenticity. Hypothetical time around you starts to diminish as you spend less time on those: ‘shoulds’, ‘coulds’ and ” woulds’ and more time on your heart’s calling and purpose.

Really get clear on what is sincere and true within you, hone in on the truth of who who you are, ask the most creative and imaginative part of yourself to conjur up an image of who you are truthfully in your minds eye. What does he/she look like!? What is the truth of the energy and consciousness you embody. Feel who you are and what values you embody at the deepest level of yourself beyond your cultural and conditioned hand me downs, intergenerational garbage. Instead ask this authentic part of yourself to help eliminate anything that is blocking you from becoming authentically you. Be willing to surrender to yourself and life. Let life have you, don’t do the mind work and not be willing to engage with the actual manifestation of change, the changes that show up in our lives are often not easy, but so worth their weight in gold. Create an opening for opportunity to appear and show up. To do this you have to let go of all notions you hold on relationships, happiness, career and comfort. You’ve got to get comfortable with trusting the unknown. This requires a comittment to you and becoming fiercely committed to understanding: ‘What is True about You’?!

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