December 23, 2020

21 Ways to Show up for Ourselves in 2021.

2020 has been an extraordinary year.

We’ve grown. We’ve lost. We’ve rebuilt. We’ve grieved so much.

As I take note of how much life has changed since the previous holiday season, I am in awe of what has shifted. Although many would categorize this as a disastrous time, I view it as a great awakening.

In numerology, 2020 is a 4 universal year. 4 is all about structure, rules, laws, systems, and support. It’s safe to say we have revamped all of this—collectively.

Because rituals are important for our psyche, it’s imperative to take some time to reflect on how far we have come. Our internal landscape has shifted due to our outside influences and experiences. This is a good thing.

As we enter a new year, let’s all show up for ourselves even more. Here are 21 ways to infuse more love into our daily lives in 2021:

1. Create better self-talk.

How do you speak to the one you love most in this world? Speak that way to yourself.

2. Drink more water.

75 percent of Americans are chronically dehydrated. The body is 60 percent water. Bottoms up!

3. Move your body in some way every day.

Yoga and stretching are free and can be done anywhere (okay, mostly anywhere). Get the blood moving and increase your energy levels.

4. Buy yourself some house plants or flowers.

House plants are good for our health: they clean the air and can increase productivity. Flowers are pretty, and we all need more beauty in our lives.

5. Go for your yearly physical check-up.

Without our health, we literally have nothing. When we don’t feel good, nothing else matters. Health is wealth. The body doesn’t lie.

6. Create a sacred space.

It could be the corner of a room or even your car. Create a space that is only for you. Retreat to it in times of overwhelm.

7. Write to release.

If you experience monkey mind, make it a ritual to do some stream of consciousness writing. Get thoughts down on paper, so they are off your mind.

8. Set better boundaries.

Not all boundaries have to be big things. If you need another five minutes, ask for it. If you need to express a grievance, do it. If someone is taking advantage, tell them.

9. Take note of your digestion.

All disease starts in the gut. If you experience digestion issues of any kind, please take the time to find a solution. Our health depends so much on what we eat and how we eliminate it. Find a cleanse or talk to your doctor.

10. Find some supplements that work for you.

My favorites are: garlic, turmeric, vitamin D, probiotics, and B12.

11. Find ways to relieve stress.

Some go-to solutions: meditation, yoga, mantras, dancing, therapy, a date with friends, and laughter. Allowing yourself a good cry or scream always does the trick too.

12. Remember to clear your energy at least twice a day.

Energy has no will of its own. If we don’t like how something feels, we must intend it away from us.

Sit, get present, and do a body scan. Notice what vibration you are experiencing, maybe it is anger or sadness. You get to decide whether you want to stay in that vibration or not. If you don’t like how you are feeling, simply say, “This is not mine, I release this back to Source (or whatever word you use).” Really feel it leave your field. Energy cannot stick to us without our permission, which is something most people don’t know.

You are so powerful—act like it.

13. Get rid of stuff you don’t want.

I’ve been teaching clutter clearing for about 15 years. Because humans attach emotional experiences to objects, our stuff carries huge implications. If something makes you feel yucky, even if Aunt Susie gave it you, get rid of it.

Our stuff really does affect us. Feel the lightless as you ditch objects that make you feel weighed down.

14. Learn more about your birth chart.

You don’t have to become an astrologer or expert, but having more information about ourselves (and how we operate) can open up huge amounts of understanding and comprehension. When I found out I had an Aries Moon, so much about how I react to things made sense. Plus, it’s fun!

15. Allow yourself some “guilty pleasures.”

Mine are reality TV shows and social media. Studies have shown that the brain needs “downtime” to process and reboot. Love trashy magazines? Your brain does too.

16. Praise yourself when you do something you like.

The brain works on a reward system. We are so addicted to putting ourselves down or thinking we are doing something wrong. Stop that! When you do something you like, or you keep a promise to yourself, acknowledge it. Say, “Look! I’m awesome!”

Contrary to popular belief (and a lot of misinformation out there), our ego wants to feel good. When you praise yourself, you will do more things in alignment with creating that good feeling again.

17. Thank your body every day, no matter what you think is wrong with it.

Our bodies are incredible! We complain, bitch, and gripe so much, and then, we wonder why we never feel good inside our own skin, whether we are ill or not.

Get over the body issues and take a moment to recognize how amazing this piece of machinery is: we breathe without thought, our cells are constantly renewing, our nerves “talk” to one another. It’s pretty awe-inspiring.

18. Eat breakfast.

It really is the most important meal of the day. Don’t skip it. And remember to add some fruit.

19. Connect more with nature.

Whenever I am having a hard time, I find a group of trees and tell them all my problems, worries, fears, and doubts. They don’t judge, they don’t disagree, and they don’t talk back. They just listen, allow, and heal. This works well with animals too.

20. Make sure you are creating the love you wish to receive.

I observe so many folks wanting someone else to fill their love tank. We have been conditioned to believe that the love we want to feel is someone else’s job.

Nope. Are you creating love? Showing love? Intending love? Experiencing love? If not, it’s highly unlikely someone else’s version of it will satisfy you.

You know what you need more than anyone else.

Start feeling the love for yourself, and watch how quickly it starts to show up in other people.

21. Stop apologizing for yourself.

Stop apologizing for existing. Stop apologizing for your needs and wants. Stop apologizing if you need to ask a question. Stop qualifying and quantifying why you are worthy or if you are worthy.

You being here, alive, is enough. It really is. Stop giving your power away. You have all the answers within you. Trust this.

Wishing all my readers an eye-opening and expansive 2021.


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