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December 22, 2020

Could Facebook do more to combat depression?

The Facebook algorithm that selects posts to show on your feed is, in my humble opinion, somewhat flawed.

Earlier in, and honestly for most of the year, when I was in a dark place and my posts reflected that, my news feed was flooded with dark, somewhat morbid and depressing posts, this did not help my situation as it was a constant reminder of what I was feeling and it was almost as if the Facebook algorithm was promoting my negative mindset by offering me more content to share about the negativity I was feeling.

However, now that I am in a much better place, with a happier and more positive outlook and have been sharing more positive posts that I find in my news feed, my news feed is now flooded with positive and uplifting posts and there isn’t a trace of the negative, morbid and depressing posts that were the norm when I was down.

Now in this respect the algorithm is working great because I am really enjoying all these great uplifting posts but wouldn’t it have made more sense for the algorithm, which Facebook claims is somewhat intuitive based on the content you are sharing, to rather have flooded my news feed with positive and uplifting content when I was in that dark place, instead of fuelling my negativity with more negativity.

Call me crazy but if I was confronted with constant positive and uplifting posts during my darkest times instead of the negativity I was being offered, I probably would have not stayed in that dark place for as long as I did. As of now, the more positivity I’m seeing in my news feed, the more positive I’m feeling about myself and about my life but I sure could have used some of that positivity when I actually needed it the most.

Just a thought………

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