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December 27, 2020

Magical Thinking/Acceptance— A Poem in Two Parts

Part One — Magical Thinking

I don’t believe in an afterlife, per se

But, I want so much to believe in

Endless space and time

That through magical thinking

We met decades ago

You didn’t view me as

Too different

That you found me

Delightful and sexy and smart

That there is a universe where

Magical thinking happens

And the tears rolling down my face

So that I can barely type

Are because I have fond memories

Of a love that is somewhere

Out there

In between the folds

Of the universe 


Part Two — Always Acceptance

A balance


Magical thinking



Allow me please

My forays into the unreal

Because the real is tinged

With daily pain loss longing

Yet I have grown into a bifold of both

It is my pain and my

Brave mature acceptance

Not wishing to burden you with either

But letting you know

My life is




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