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December 3, 2020

Money – What’s Your Intention?

When it comes to money, everyone wants to know the secrets to getting more of it and what’s the best budget.  Simply put, ALL budgets work and NO budgets work.  It’s not the budget, but the intention that you bring to it.  And, really notice the intention.  Is it loving and kind, or is it demanding, pushy, restrictive and authoritative?

Most of us focus on money goals.  I’d like to offer up a shift to a money intention and that you focus on your intention vs your goal.  Nothing is wrong with a goal.  However, so many of us approach goal results with a hard pass or fail, or win or lose. There’s implied judgment on the word ‘goal,’ and we place a high degree of our own importance of it’s achievement. 

Intentions come from our hearts.  Intentions determine outcomes. Intentions are what matters. Intentions are the mindful alchemy where the head and the heart meet to create a fulfilling life of purpose and contentment.  Intentions are the direction that we want to travel.  Intentions keep you on the road to exciting discoveries, and they keep you thinking about the bigger picture and how to bring it all together.  Otherwise, we can feel the exhausting burnout of running between the black and white results of a goal oriented mindset.  

Intention pulls us out of right or wrong judgements, and it challenges us to ask the questions about our actions being in alignment with our results.  

Have you set a money intention?  Have you ever even considered one?  It’s the magic that makes any budget you choose do the work for you.  

Most of us feel that money is so taboo that it would be audacious to set a personal intention with it.  We also fear that even placing that much importance on money makes us selfish and superficial.  Your judgements and your fear block your money.  Again, just another great reason to have an intention.  It will help you shift away from your obstacles and redirect you back to your heartfelt purpose.  So many of us also fear that we might be asking or wanting too much.  We might feel what we want is just not possible for us.  Set the intention anyway.  Just setting the intention, alone, sends the message to your brain that it’s possible.  With goals, we can get fixated on the ‘how.’  And then we can get stuck when we don’t see the how. With an intention, you’ve set course, and now you’re wide open to discovering the way.  Intention not only implies the possibility, it also implies the commitment to the journey. It’s the secret sauce to creating new neural pathways in your brain, and that creates new belief systems and new results in your life.  Did I tell you, “intention is everything?”  Because, it is.

My money intention is stated below.  First, think of your money like a person that you have an intimate partnership with, because you do!  Money is governed by our second chakra and is abundant with sacred creation.  What do you want to create with your money?

My money intention:

Together, we create a safe haven for love, beauty, joy, and connection to flourish.

State your your intention in one sentence, and state it in the present tense.  This will retrain your brain find and create your intention. For instance, this is what I see now when I spend money:  my house payment is for my safe haven for cozy gatherings with friends, my electricity bill helps me cook nourishing meals to fill my body and soul, and my cell phone bill offers me endless connections to my loved ones and my business opportunities.  And, what’s more is that my brain also looks for the same meaning and purpose for money coming in as well as going out.  This intention automatically brings in more money. Even writing this article is a manifestation of my intention to connect to my clients.  It’s my loving offer to add some value and enlightenment to their money relationship.  I already know that it will attract my people and money will only be the result of us purposefully and joyfully working to flourish together – all a part of my intention.

Intention is everything, what’s yours?

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