December 8, 2020

When you’re out of sorts, practice maitri.

My new book is coming out. Here’s an excerpt.


When you’re sad, that’s some learning settling in.

When you’re stressed, that’s a sign to slow down, allow space, allow room to settle.

When you’re tired, that’s okay—happens to the best of us. Sometimes, we might have to keep working—we don’t always get a break when we need it. So make sure to take care of yourself as you go—and don’t guilt-trip yourself when others tell you to self-care.

When you’re confused, ask for advice. Or ask yourself what you think you should do. Your inner wisdom sometimes is right there with an answer.

When you’re frustrated, first talk things over with yourself, before taking it out on a loved one or colleague.


[Excerpt from Waylon Lewis’ 2nd book, It’s Never too Late to Fall in Love with Your Life]

The above is an excerpt from Waylon H. Lewis’ forthcoming book, It’s Never too Late to Fall in Love with Your Life: Practical Buddhist advice for Everyday Life. It’s 108 quotes, with commentary. Pre-order it here and save $5.

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