January 18, 2021

10 Things our Kids can Learn from a Butterfly.

Butterflies are one of the most resilient creatures on our planet—so are our children.

Strength, adaptivity, natural beauty, and perseverance embody the idea behind childhood and the life cycle of a butterfly.

As we grow through life and the turbulence, take a moment to breathe in all the change, relish in the thought of growth through the uncomfortableness and the reassurance of community that surrounds you even in the darkest of times.

If I could offer any advice to our butterfly-children, it would be these 10 things:

1. You’ve been through a life-altering transformation. The dust is settling, and the sunbeams over the broken chrysalis, revealing what was and what has become. Bask in the warmth of change in all of its glory. Or, at least, revel in the beauty of transformation.

2. Use your tenacity, divine intuition, and natural instinct to honor your inner voice for both protection and preservation.

3. Understand that it’s perfectly okay to be still, but be smart and aware of your environment that may hinder your growth and beauty—know when to fly.

4. Appreciate how delicate yet strong you are. You’re built to withstand the turbulent winds of life—I promise.

5. You may be small, but damn, look at that wingspan. Don’t be afraid to take up space. You have every right to be seen and heard.

6. Those whom you choose to get close to, landing on as a safe space, make sure their heart is kind and their soul gentle. Be aware of those who only want to touch your wings to stifle your ability to fly.

7. Celebrate your own uniqueness; colour, shape, and size. Every spot, line, and mark is perfection. You’re beautiful—it’s okay to appreciate it, own it, and relish it.

8. Remember your roots and marvel at the remarkable physical changes that your body went through. Incredible; a true rebirth. A new opportunity, a chance to restart. Use it to the best of your ability to do great things, but know when you’ve done all that you could and be content with that.

9. Understand that you mean so much to people. Your silent presence does not go unnoticed. You help some with remembrance; you bring others peace and hope. You matter, just because you’re you.

10. Do your best to fly against adversity, go against the social grains and expectations—it’s okay to be different; don’t become intimated by the vast skyline. Listen to your senses, honor the uncomfortableness of insecurities, anxiety, and uncertainty—but don’t land there as a finality.

When you are ready, bid adieu with a graceful, grateful reverence of flight as we watch you soar.



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