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January 17, 2021

Boundaries – Our new favourite word

Let me be perfectly clear.
Low-value people do not mix with high value.
When you begin to speak your truth and step into your worth; people will drop off like flies.
Let them.

Thank them, for a friendship that cannot survive you putting up a sudden boundary, is a friendship that was benefiting from you not having any.

It’s 2021, we have explored and dreamed about having boundaries for years, we’re taking the steps to put them into place and we aren’t doing friendships on shaky foundations anymore yeah?

Everyone in your life MUST ADD VALUE.
Nature loves space, and by letting go we are making space for all the beauty that is orbiting around us, waiting for us to step up.

When we shut one door, another one opens, you’ve known this cliche since you could read.
Embody it.

I used to abandon myself 24/7 in order to keep people in my life and found myself full of resentment.
I now say ‘no’ with loving confidence and the more I stop betraying myself the more abundance I receive.
The more precious and wholesome my interactions become.
The more respect my friends have for me.

Take care of this area of your life relentlessly and unapologetically
It really is ok to put yourself before anything, especially during this time.
It doesn’t mean you don’t love them, it means you love you more.

Sometimes we hold onto people for comfort
People I bent over backwards for are nowhere to be seen in my happiness.
It’s 2021. We’re seeing the red flags right away and we’re letting go.

Who you surround yourself with is absolutely everything.
So…. may I remind you, it is you against you in this world.
It always has been, and it always will be.
Love and guard your little world relentlessly

Got it? Ok good. ????

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