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January 21, 2021

Elections rigged? You betcha!

I knew it, the earth is flat, and the sun still circles around the earth. Whoever has dared to teach anything else? It is absolutely clear who makes up the center of the universe! And along the way, the earth is just 6000 years old, and nothing more. Evolution – has never existed, God created everything as is right now, even the COVID-19 virus, though it might have been hidden for all this time. But finally, with the evil Democrats in power once again, it was high time for the virus to come forward and do to us people what God had ordained it to do. Hallelujah. The elections were rigged, through and through. Maybe, the timing of the virus was a little off, a year too early, but that can happen, or the Chinese just did not know exactly how to clock the explosion of this pandemic in order to hurt the entire West.

The elections were all fraudulent, except in those cases when Republican Representatives or Senators won. I knew it, and the rioters also knew it, down with modern sciences, let’s smash windows and re-enact the American Revolution in the name of, ah, well, the Deep State? No, the opposite, the rioters are brave and strong patriots, they are fighting against that Deep State, against all those pedophiles, sex slave traders, all evil. Ah, what good times there used to be, with the Inquisition, burnings at the stake, torture chambers, and fires, many fires. Remember the fun at the weekend when the next lynching was on the program? Yes, good old times, but no longer! Former Pres. Trump was the leader, charismatic, good, God-anointed, the king of Twitter, another Pied Piper, and they all followed him, down into the deep water, never to be seen.

Well, not quite right, the resistance movement is still alive, holding the fort against the flood of migrants, of black and brown and yellow people, let’s build the rest of the wall, Hannibal ad portas! The election was rigged, no doubt, particularly because so many non-white voters were allowed to submit their mail-in ballots. Could we not return to the well-proven gerrymandering system and make sure that those pesky members of minorities learn to accept where they belong, certainly not anywhere near the ballot box?

Look, I don’t mean any trouble, but since the earth is flat, and the sun circles around that disk, there must have been a lot of cheating going on everywhere. Never mind the DOJ, the various federal benches, the Supreme Court, all kinds of lower courts, even the AG William Barr, what do they know? Since there is no evolution, I told you that already, no Democrats, especially no one with dark skin, should be allowed to step into the Capitol and claim any power! Since the American revolutionaries were entitled to fight against the British in 1775, the white man in this country today is fully legitimized in his armed battle against the evil forces called Democrats! Make America great again, smash more windows, and threaten the people’s representative with these wonderful zip-tie handcuffs. And, what a sight that was, a make-shift gallows outside of the Capitol!

Just imagine what would have happened, the Vice President hanged, the Speaker of the House killed, no ballots counted, and King Trump would have been hoisted onto his throne. The drum rolls already signaled the coming of a new era, and thus there would have been the long- awaited proof, the earth is flat, and so are many heads, fits all nicely together. Elections are for the sissies, white America does not need this outdated institution any longer, and Peter is calling already for a long time, let’s follow him. Maybe, since the earth is flat, and Trump’s followers are as well, they all might fall off the edge at the end of the disk, called their Earth!

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