January 18, 2021

Healing Emotional Wounds can be Messy (but it can also be Fun).

Healing is fun.

Okay, that’s debatable—healing emotional wounds can get messy.

Some days it’s brutal and downright suffocating—it gets uncomfortable.

It’s like when the open wound starts to scab over, and it itches like crazy, but that’s how you know it’s healing. It’s not easy picking apart our pain. Peeling back the layers can leave us feeling exposed.

Developing healthier coping skills is challenging.

It’s difficult to admit to ourselves that we are the ones holding ourselves back from healing simply by resisting the process and holding on where we’re meant to let go.

The hard parts are absolutely necessary, but I think it’s essential to not forget about the fun parts. Don’t get so lost in the darkness and forget to look for the light.

It is so much fun when we start seeing the rewards from all of our efforts.

It’s an amazing feeling when we realize the things that used to trigger us no longer affect us in the same way.

Not many things can compare to looking back and seeing our own growth and beaming with pride, knowing that we got ourselves there.

Healing is also discovering ourselves—or rather, getting rid of all of the things that aren’t actually us.

Chances are, if we find ourselves hating ourselves, that we aren’t aligned with our authentic self, and it might be time to take a closer look and adjust accordingly.

Getting to know ourselves on a deeper level is fun. Learning about what our soul loves is wonderful. Finally, accepting ourselves for exactly who we are—faults and all—is a damn good time.

Give yourself joy while you navigate the dark and heavy.

Dance, sing, read, write, play, create, explore, and laugh. Do anything and everything that lights you up from the inside out. How can we expect to be happy if we’re not doing the things that make us happy?

Healing comes with a sense of excitement and belonging—we’re finally going in the right direction. We finally fit in our own life because we stopped trying to fit where we don’t belong.

We begin to trust ourselves. We develop a friendship with ourselves. We respect ourselves. We give ourselves permission to require the things that we need.

Healing is a beautiful place to be.

Do the work, but remember the fun. Remember why you started, and be patient with yourself along the way.

So there. I said it—healing is fun. 


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Read 8 comments and reply

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