January 10, 2021

Let’s Embrace the Lessons learned in 2020 & Move Forward with Hope.

Since December 31, 2020, I had been wondering how the last day of the year was any different than other days that have gone by in 2020.

Albeit the year was harrowing for most of the world in different ways, there was also a sense of relief that the year came to an end.

But I wonder, does a change in numbers actually change anything?

2020 was a year that brought about mammoth changes in everyone’s lives—both positive and negative. The year was anything but ordinary. Major life changes were halted due to the uncertainty that seeped into our lives. Major decisions had to be taken to offset any loss in life.

The year went by in eventful ways. Transformative in innumerable ways. Each of us—whether we admit to it or not—was altered in some way or the other.

Personally speaking, I feel relieved to not live in 2020 anymore, but I am equally grounded due to the year that had an immense impact on my plans for life.

I definitely have bid farewell to all the doors that closed last year, but some doors opened as well, for which I am grateful.

One major aspect of 2020 is that we will always carry the changes it brought to us. These changes have altered us as human beings.

The year taught me humility in the face of adversity, the year taught me to let go of controlling every aspect of my life, and the year taught me to embrace today because we never know what kind of world we might wake up to the next day.

As much as I like to take the positive aspects with me into this new year, I cannot abandon all the unfinished life goals of last year, nor can I abandon the lessons I learned, and more importantly, I cannot abandon the consequences of actions taken last year.

2021 doesn’t change anything that took place last year. It doesn’t undo our progress, it doesn’t catapult our lives to the perfect situation, and it doesn’t solve anything that lingers unfinished.

I would like to celebrate and focus on hope this year:

Hope that there won’t be more hard lessons to learn.

Hope that some life plans can be accomplished.

Hope that I never misuse my blessings.

Hope that I always carry forward the immense gratitude that 2020 taught me.

As intriguing as it may sound, a new year is not a reset button. It is, in fact, an acceleration of the previous year—a chance to catch up with life and to find new hope.

And that is something to cherish in 2021.


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Read 4 comments and reply

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