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January 4, 2021

Loss of dignity!

In a democracy, even the strongest president has the crucial task of representing us people, both domestically and internationally. Most of our relationships with other countries in the world depend on the president’s good communication skills, on the respect which s/he can earn as the highest officer in the U.S government, and on his public performance as a trustworthy, reliable, honest, and ethical partner. The president does not have to be a hero as in the early Middle Ages (Beowulf), but he ought to have extensive leadership qualities so that we citizens can look up to him/her and have confidence that he will indeed fight and work for us, the people. He is not supposed to be a benevolent dictator or a tyrant, but the elected president, which comes with a lot of obligations and responsibilities.

What we observe in D.C. these days is the very opposite of a worthy and honorable president of the U.S.A. who is surrounded by still too many sycophants with no ethics whatsoever touting only into his horn. This president still refuses to concede that he lost the election fair and square. This president is dishonoring our military by vetoing a military bill vastly supported in unison by both parties. This president is a laughing-stock in the entire world because of his crudeness and ignorance, and many countries have even lost their trust in America because of him. This president has never succeeded in making any good deals, except for himself, with us the people paying for all of his extravagance and wastefulness, golfing in times of crisis. This president is better friends with Putin and Xi than with us Americans. This president is a shame and a disaster for our country. When will this charade with the naked emperor finally conclude? As the saying goes, he has thrown everyone under the bus and brings out the worst instinct in people. The greatest victim of his evil machinations has been the Republican Party, with millions of misled minions. Hitler would have been proud of his avatar, though he would have given Trump a serious lesson about concentration and death camps for the ‘bacillus of evil people’ on the other side of the political spectrum. Well, Mr. Trump, you should have listened more carefully to what Vladimir had told you in secret. But you are pathetic, both as a democratically elected president and as a fledgling dictator. Your final grade is a straight F, either way.

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