January 26, 2021

Plastic is not vegan.

Plastic is not vegan. It pervades our world, now, filling, harming—even killing—whales, fish, birds, turtles, elephants, bears, squirrels…and, yes, you and me, who eat a credit card’s worth a week.

I’m vegan. But I don’t support wearing plastic. Every time you wash your plastic (synthetic, rayon, polyester, it’s all plastic) shirt or yoga pants, we’re spreading microplastics throughout our air (dust is now full of plastic) and water.

Plastic comes from petroleum, with added chemicals. It’s not good for you, to wear, let alone eat. Petroleum, of course, is tied up in wars, corruption, and climate change.

​Plastic is forever. It’s usually one-time use, or used only for a year or two at most. Please stop. Go zero-waste–it’s easier, and cheaper, than you might think to buy in bulk, and store it at home. Wear natural fibers. Get natural carpets on craigslist. As a vegan, I wear secondhand wool, often (most new wool involves some degree of suffering or even torture).

Being ethical isn’t about being depressed. It’s not scary. It’s actually more fun, and doable. Please always feel free to ask me questions.

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Read 3 comments and reply

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