January 31, 2021

2 Words to Cultivate Faith when the World is in Chaos.

How do we cultivate and nurture our faith when the world is in chaos? 

How do we keep strong in our centre to ensure that nothing knocks us off? 

How do we keep or even start our faith when all seems lost?

Have faith, dear hearts. I know how you feel. I’ve been asking this myself recently. I think we like to believe that January 1st signifies a new beginning, and that everything ends and begins again. We can start afresh and put the last year behind us! Phew! 

When in truth, apart from the numbers, we’re just continuing in the same way that we left off. Perhaps, we are working on forming new habits and new ways of being—making resolutions and promises that we probably won’t keep, yet we’re undeniably holding some kind of a faith that this year will be better. This year will be different.

Well, for sure, it’ll be different. Whether it’s better or not is all about perspective. And when the world is as it is right now, with more lockdowns and stricter regulations, the losses, the grief, the uncertainty—is it any wonder we’re feeling a little deflated already? 

I don’t have all the answers; however, what I do have is this: my faith. I’m not religious. I don’t follow some guru who claims to have all the answers that I’m searching for. Indeed, I have teachers and mentors who assist my journey, but what I’m talking about is my deep inner knowing. Call me crazy (sometimes, I wonder myself to be honest), but deep down there is an unshakeable faith that I cannot deny. 

So, even when I’m down on my knees, crying, and feeling all the feels, I know that there is something way bigger than me at work. Even though my nostalgic and melancholic self wants to hold on, I let go and grieve what’s been and gone.

I feel my own pain and I feel the pain of the collective. It’s so big, I’m lost for words some days.

When I’m done pouring my heart out, when the tears have cascaded like waterfalls and I feel like my heart might break into tiny pieces, which is pretty often these days, I’m left with an emptiness. In this void, I feel a softness, an inner peace, buried way deep down under the surface of my skin, and it whispers to me—trust

My exhausted being collapses onto the floor, and I just stare at the sky. I realise I have to totally let go of all control—even more! I have to keep diving into myself to feel what feels true to me. I have to keep handing myself over to the bigger picture. And so I do…a little more each time. 

For the last few years, my words for the year have been “trust and surrender.” I thought I’d change them this year, try something new, although, somehow, these words still hold so much power and potency in this time.

When everything is uncertain, when I don’t know when I’ll next see my loved ones after over a year apart, I find comfort in the vibration of these words.

And then there’s my faith. Without having to try, I arrive back, once again, to my sacred space. 

None of us can control what’s going on “out there;” however, what we can take a hold of is our own inner landscape. What I’ve learnt over the years is that being devoted to a practice (in whatever form that may be), the consistency of showing up daily, creates and holds an unshakable force, and therefore, faith in ourselves.

Personally, rolling out of bed and getting onto the mat is now a nonnegotiable practice. I don’t have to do hours of yoga and sweat my arse off—even the simple ritual of lighting a candle and consciously breathing for 10 minutes can set the tone for the rest of my day. The more we can cultivate a practice that sets us up in a more peaceful, grounded, and loving space, especially in these times, the better the world will be.

Imagine if we all started our day with this level of conscious awareness and presence.

I believe it’s our work to keep our vibrations high in these times. Not only does help us feel more positive, but it’s a frequency that is also felt in the collective consciousness. Don’t worry so much about saving the planet that you become so overwhelmed to the point that it all seems hopeless and you feel helpless. Focus on you and your close community. Sit. Breathe. Be. Love. Move from your heart. Support your loved ones.

I know, from my own experience, that having a dedicated practice, whether it’s dancing, meditating, or running, will cultivate an unshakable faith within ourselves that will create a strong force in our energy fields.

Stand strong, my friends. Stay in your centre.

Turn off the news sometimes. Surround yourself with positive vibrations. Get on the mat. Dance around your living room to trance! Sit on the earth. Devote yourself to presence. Trust in the bigger picture. Pray your way. Have faith that all is falling into place. Have faith that your love frequency will be felt.

We’re all in this together. We’re walking into a new way—let’s make the most of it.

Say goodbye to the old and welcome the new, and learn to cultivate and fall in love with your unshakable faith.

You’ve got this.


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