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February 4, 2021

BENEATH THE WHEEL ( With apologies to Hermann Hesse)

Better slow down. Better still, just sit and hush.

On the way to kingdom come, is there any need to rush?

Always racing through canyons of concrete and steel

Makes it all the more likely you’ll trip

And slip beneath the wheel.


Slow it down.

Slow it down and take your time.

Count down to one from ninety-nine.

Gotta count on down

And count on down

And count on down again.


Hold your head high. Just don’t trust what greets your eyes

Since your tour guide is a charlatan, a celebrity of lies.

Don’t be star struck and hoodwinked by glitter’s appeal,

Chasing popular fashion then trip

And slip beneath the wheel.


Lay it down.

Lay it down and dream awhile.

Let your lover see you smile.

Turn it back around

And back around

And back around again.


Better slow down. Better yet, just stop and think;

Will your love be stronger than tomorrow’s weakest link?

It’s a hard life that tests us, a rugged ordeal.

Will you be there to help if I trip

And slip beneath the wheel?

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