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February 3, 2021


I’m clearing out the forest for to better see the trees.

Clearing out the forest, must be ninety-five degrees.

I said I’m clearing out the forest. I could use a cooling breeze.

The heat of my exertion has me halfway to my knees.


I’d like some peace and quiet, but my chainsaw disagrees.

Need some peace and quiet, but the boss is hard to please.

You know I’d like some peace and quiet; time to stop and take my ease.

It’s not that I’ve been laid low; I’m just halfway to my knees.


I’m slowly making progress; there’s just so damn many trees.

Slowly, slowly, slowly, sometimes death is such a tease.

Although I’m slowly making progress, there aren’t any guarantees

I can finish what I started when I’m halfway to my knees.

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