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February 24, 2021

Here I Am

Photo by Eternal Happiness on Pexels.

The flocks are calm

So is the sky

As the sun calls it a day over the horizon

While here I am, a soul on Earth

Wondering how peace feels after a torturous plunder

A flame flickers on a little mahogany table

A pot of hot soup on its side

The aura is luscious and so is the aroma of entrée & cakes

While here I am, with growling intestines

Wondering what a piece of bread tastes after years of hunger

A pink polka-dotted sheet awaits on my bed

With a feather-soft pillow on that cozy nook

Ah! The warmth is an enchantment and solace seductive

While here I am, out in the wild night

Wondering how rest feels after a long day of labor

O, my midnight companions!

Amongst you, it’s just the morning star who is insomniac

But probably it too gets to enjoy the siesta

While here I am, in all my wakefulness

Wondering how a new dawn feels after a good slumber

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