February 13, 2021

Embracing Valentine’s Day as a Single Woman.

I am my own Valentine.

“In order to love who you are, you cannot hate the experiences that shaped you.” ~ Andrea Dykstra

It’s my first Valentine’s Day as a single woman

But, I’m not as sad as I imagined I would be.

With each painful reminder of betrayal, his and my own, where I abandoned myself, ignored my intuition and my dreams, hid from the truth of my loveless union, I grow stronger in dedication to authenticity.

Accepting a life without true love, honesty, deep connectedness, reverence for truth, and loyalty is where I betrayed myself.

Spending so long hiding in another’s shadow, pretending to be happy and fulfilled with all the trimmings of a “successful” life, but feeling misaligned with my values and my knowing brings me such deep sorrow.

What was I so afraid of that living such a shallow life was a better option?

When did I decide I wasn’t worth being truly loved, protected, and supported?

When did I lose the ability to trust?

I don’t believe he took that from me. He only touched an ancient wound, a wound we both share.

My work is clear: trust.

To trust in my powerful knowing.

To trust in the soul contracts that I hold with others—the ones made to ensure my evolution.

To trust that all is going exactly to plan.

To trust that my call to ascension is here—right now.

It’s go time! 

The time for self-doubt, hesitation, and not loving or honouring myself is over.

It’s time to embrace my future.

All of the experiences of my life have shown me just how brave and strong I really am.

I am free to design my life exactly as I want—in rainbow glitter and fairy dust.

No more compromise, settling for less than I deserve, agreeing to things I don’t want and don’t serve my highest good.

No more superficiality, inauthenticity, or toxicity.

I get to choose the energy I surround myself with and a life that is aligned with my purpose.

When I release those who weigh me down with projections of their own fear, I have space for my true soul tribe to show up.

To all who have shared my life and brought me to these truths—through love or betrayal—thank you.

To all who have shown up and loved me through the most painful, scary time of my life, thank you.

To all who remain in my life to share this next exciting chapter, thank you.

To me, for choosing to show up and love myself enough to face my shadow, my fears, and open my heart fully, thank you.

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone. 

I hope you love and spoil yourself today and every day because you deserve it!


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Read 1 comment and reply

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